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Comments: Incredible difference from my old Wilson Warlock. The GB250 makes my old racquet feel like a 2lb. sledge. I was worried about the head weight of this racquet, but it feels nicely balanced to me. No vibration at all, I don't even think you need the dampener provided. A little less power than my old racquet as to be expected with a lighter racquet, but the sweet spot is so much larger. I'm not a power player anyway, so this racquet suits me much better. I love the featherweight, but am still getting used to timing my shots since my swing speed increased. I think the stock grip is nice, but will have to see how long it lasts. The look of this racquet isn't going to turn anyone's head, but I kind of appreciate not glamming it up. Seems like the durability of the frame isn't an issue, and should last a long time. I was nervous about the 18g mono, but I have about 10 hours into it and it is still going strong. Once/when/if it breaks I will be using 18g GB Multi as I am a believer in their products, and have heard very good things about the multi besides the price. Best part was the new sale price.
From: Scooter, Tinley Park, IL, USA, 03/12

Skill-level: B

String type and tension: Stock

Comments: Racquet is awesome have two of them but it's not the racquet it's the person using it.
From: Marcos, Norwalk, CA, USA, 02/11

Comments: Another solid product by Gearbox! This racquet is durable and light enough for quick(er) hands and control; however, may be the reason for some of the vibration and lower power when compared to its 170g counterpart. For compensation, the grip is smaller than the listed SS (3 5/8 in) allowing the player to add power and there was no slippage problems; the head heavy balance does not hurt either. Great for the above average recreational player, but a bit pricey in my opinion.
From: E, Fort Worth, TX, USA, 01/11
Skill-level: A
String type and tension: Factory

Comments: 1st impression - rubber handle started to peel off. The racquet felt off-balance causing the racquet to roll, resulting in high shots (not low enough like I'm used to). The weight was good, but had many inconsistent shots.  Power was good, but felt off-center.
From: Ramon
Clint, TX 03/10
Skill-level: B

Comments: This is the first time I tried these name brand racquets. I played with the GB-165 & GB-170. Both racquets are awesome !!! but I went for the GB-165 because it felt head heavier that the GB-170. Power, Control & Balance are just amazing in both of them. They are truly a great racquets overall.
From:Ramon, Fellizola
Tampa, FL
Skill-level: B+
Factory String type and tension

Comments: I just got a hold of one of these at my club for a nice price and I have to say all the good things they say about this racquet are true. It has great accuracy, feels very stable for its light weight, and doesn't lack in the power department. I do wish the one I bought had been of the larger grip size as I usually play gloveless but it was the only one there. I did break the string on the second day but that's normal for me.
City, State, Country: Madison, WI USA
String type and tension:Stock

Comments: This is an amazing racquet with a plain & simple design and a lot of power & excellent control.Great product-value.I pretty happy with it. I never heard from this brand before but racquet feels very solid.
From:Jimmy Perez
Dallas, TX
Skill-Level: B

Comments: This is awesome racquet, I took me a litle while to get used to this 7 points heavy head racquet............... but once I did the results were fantastics. Now I hit the ball much harder with an amazing control & precision compared with my old Head Extreme 180. I purchased 2 of these racquets, you also must try the Gearbox gloves,very durable and has a great feel.
From: Keith Scott
Las Vegas, NV 12/08
Skill-Level: A

Comments: This is an amazing racquet; solid frame, great feel, excellent control & very powerful. One of the best racquets you can buy right now for 2008/09 models! Before I decided to buy this racquet I compared it with these new 08/09 models: Gearbox GB 250 165/170, PK KM 175, PK Quad 170, PK HC2 165, Ektelon Speedport, Ektelon O3 White, Head Amp 175, and the E-Force Command 170/175. Overall this racquet is by far a superior racquet. Very simple design but effective, I am extremely happy with it. Before you decide to buy any racquet try out this model or the GB 250 170g and you will see for yourself.
I choose this model instead of the GB 250 170g because the 165g is head heavy but both racquets are excellent.
From: Mario Vallaverta
San Diego, CA
Skill Level: Open Player & Racquetball instructor
Tension @ 32lbs w/ Tecnifibre 17

Comments: Just picked up this racquet last week. I currently have been playing with a O3 White and found the buzz a little annoying. I wanted to try something a little more head heavy without increasing the weight. This racquet hits very solid. No more string buzz. The sweet spot is not as big as the O3 White but I have not really had any problems. I am still using stock string; I feel like I get more power on my forehand, but about the same or less on my backhand (most likely my swing though), but I am still adjusting to the slightly different weight.

Overall, I am extremely happy with this racquet and I can't wait to fully develop my game.
From: Chris Weatherspoon
Cadiz, KY USA 09/08
Skill-level: rec player, (5 days a week!)
String type and tension: Factory

Comments: Awesome looking and feeling racquet. Great compnay. Hate to say that I lost a ton of MPH on the ball when switching from E-Force NXT Gen160. Maybe a different string tension would help. Everyone should at least try it, I will be sticking with the NXT Gen for now.
From: Matthew
Somersworth, NH 09/08
Skill-Level: A
String type & Tension: E-Force Oxygen 17g

Comments: This one is better than last years model. Like the color, love the weight and the faster rotation. I recommend this racquet for players that want power with control as well as touch.
From: Clifton R Watkins Jr
Sumter, SC 08/08
Skill-level: Open/Elite

Comments: Great racquet! Easy to move around and lots of pop. Haven't changed the strings yet-I will be putting in 18g Gearbox Multi. Everyone should definitely demo this racquet before buying anything else.
From: Brian
Reno, NV 08/08

Comments: This racquet is awesome! Great power and excellent control. Huge sweet spot & a solid head frame. Very stiff, great racquet overall.
From: Manuel Diaz
Miami, FL 08/08
Skill Level: A

Comments: I ordered this racquet just to try out another manufacturer racquetball company and I am very pleased with the results of how this racquet hits the ball. It's just an amazingly great racquet overall.

I just got it a few days ago and I already like it a lot. This racquet has a good balance, great control, huge power & a solid frame. Try it and you might like it too!. I'll get my 2nd GB-250 racquet next week.
From: Jacob Peterson
Dallas, TX 07/08
Skill Level: B
String and Tension: Tecnifibre X-One Biphase 17 @ 30 lbs

Comments: I demoed this racquet 2 weeks ago at the club where I play racquetball. It's a super ultra stiff racquet, I was amazed by the power zone kill and the control you can get with these racquets. My previous racquets were 3 E-force NXT Gen 175's.
I had never heard about this racquetball brand before but let me tell you, their products are super high quality. I ordered 3 GB 250 165, 2 movement gloves and the Gearbox backpack. I'm going Gearbox this season. I like the products and the quality. I only hope Gearbox keeps up the good job.
From: Michael Mobb
Colorado, USA 07/08
Skill Level: A

Comments: This racquet is awesome! The power & control are super! I recently tested the new Gearbox GB 250 165 & 185 and both hit pretty well, better power & control. I already ordered 2 new gearbox 250 165's.
From: John Solano
Houston, Texas, USA 07/08
Skill-level: Solid A player

Comments: At 165G it is so fast. It is not as balanced as the 170G but I like it. I just got mine last week and I've got one strung with the Technifibre 505 and the other one I have the Ashaway PowerKill 17. The ball has a ton of spin and control with the 505 but not quite the power level. The PowerKill has great power while still having pretty good control. I like both strings, prefered Technifibre in my E-Force Lethals that I just replaced with these racquets.

The Gearbox has a good balanced feel and I want to give them a try because I like what they are doing for the sport. These are a great all around racquet.
From: Caleb
Kansas City, MO 07/08
Technifibre 505 32 lbs, Ashaway PowerKill 17 M @ 32 X @ 34

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