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Comments: I completely agree.  This is a great racquet. It in itself has escalated my game in power, reach and accuracy.  Gearbox was an unknown to me but not anymore.
From: Mike, Crystal Lake, IL, USA, 02/14
Skill-level: A/B
String type and tension: Stock 

Comments: I love this racquet.  Really nice balance of control and power.
From: John, St. Louis, MO, USA, 02/14
Skill-level: A
String type and tension: stock 

Comments: I read reviews about this racquet and have wanted to try it for some time. I have used a judgment stun 175 which I liked for control, a head dirty deed, a head Full house, and a ProKennex Quad. All of those rackets are inferior to the Solid 1.0. This racket was the best out of the box I've used without question. Great control and accuracy. I love how smooth this racquet powers through the ball. 
From: Robert, Seattle, WA, USA, 01/14
Skill-level: B or C
String type and tension: Whatever came stock 

Comments: I own 2 of these racquets and have nothing negative to say about them. This is a totally forgiving racquet with dead nut on accuracy. I'm so glad I invested in Gearbox and as long as they continue this high quality - I'll continue to buy their product. Way to go guys!
From: Ezra, Federal Way, WA, USA, 01/12
Skill-level: B/C
String type and tension: Gearbox Multi-core, strung@ 33 lbs

Comments: I demoed every major racquet out there and I switched from a Head Black Jack to this Gearbox Solid 170 Q for three reasons. Great power with fantastic control with the most forgiving racquet I have ever used in ten YEARS ! Absolutely Wonderful. Nothing comes close to this racquet
From: Jason, Culver City, CA, USA, 09/11
Skill level: A
String type and tension: Gearbox Multi 18ga., 32lbs.

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