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Gearbox Original GB 250 170 Racquet

Comments: Wondering if this racquet is the same as the 250T that is black with blue lettering on it ? 
From: Gary, Raynham, MA, USA, 02/14
Skill-level: B
[Gary, This racquet is the original quadraform GB250 that came before black/blue teardrop version you are referring to.  They have different specs and play differently. Feel free to email us at with any questions. - RbW Staff]

Comments: Coming from a Head intelligence I.165 to this racquet..what a difference! Great amount of power, much more then my head racquet. The feel, the control, the 0 vibration..this racquet feels like pure quality I'm glad I bought it. Gearbox really did it right on this racquet. My head racquet was great so this is saying allot.
From: Chris, IL, USA, 12/13
Skill-level: B
String type and tension: Stock 17 gauge black 

Comments: This racquet is basic, uncluttered, pure and simple without gimmicks, gadgets or marketing hype.  No rings, tubes, chambers, cores, ports, inserts, internal strings, etc.  Just a solid racquet with exceptional feel, maneuverability, and power.  The raw graphite frame is attractive and durable, the grip is comfortable, the balance point is not to head light or head heavy, and it is very "arm" friendly.  This is definitely one racquet that can bring your game to the next level and be played with for many years to come.  Thank you Gearbox for bringing this "classic" unsophisticated racquet back. 
From: Don, Minneapolis, MN, USA, 12/13
Skill-level: B
String type and tension: Factory 

Comments: Great racquet!!  I got a lot of power, a lot of control, and looks great!!  Can't get a better deal :)
From: Pedro A., San Antonio, TX, USA, 12/13
Skill-level: B 

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