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Comments: Super racquet. A few months ago, I injured my elbow making a drive serve using a Head Ti 175XL, which I had been using for approx. 12 years. I got to where I could only play maximum three games to 15 before I had to quit due to elbow pain. An advanced player suggested I try an E-Force Nxt Gen 190. I did and what a difference. However, last week one of my RB buddies handed me an PK HC2 Quad 165 and ask me to try it. Awesome racquet. No elbow issues after playing 2-2.5 hours a day Mon thru Fri. Great power and superb control. I'm now anxiously awaiting a demo (my buddy is doing this demo thing) of the 175 model (I'm approaching 59 yrs old). Even though I just bought two E-Force Nxt Gen Lethal 190s, I may go ahead and buy one of these racquets just to have one to enjoy occasionally. Anyone with elbow problems should give these racquets a demo!

From: Jim, Colo Springs, CO, USA, 06/12
String type and tension: Whatever was on demo (don't think it was factory but not sure)

Comments: I just got this hits very good probably the best racquet I've ever used. I used to hit with a Bedlam Lite..and I have also had a Ektelon Camo, Head Liquid Metal, Head Intelligence and an E-Force Command. The ProKennex HC2 165 is definitely the best one I've ever used. It has amazing power alone with great control. The only thing that you have to get use to is the grip. It is fatter then a normal SS and I changed the strings to Gamma TNT2 17. Great racquet. Demo it if your not sure on what to will be worth it.
City, State, Country:Staten Island, NY

Comments: Very solid racquet that will fit very well with someone seeking a racquet of such weight. Power and control are excellent, and the racquet is smooth to swing. Definitely is a Game Improvement racquet
City, State, Country: OH
Skill-level: B- (?)
String type and tension: Liquid 17

Comments: About 4 months ago I was playing with an Ektelon O3 White and developed shoulder and arm problems. A ProKennex rep let me borrow his 165 HC2 for the weekend cause I was playing in a tournament. From the 1st swing I knew this racquet was for me. The balance, control and power were perfect; I won the men's open singles and doubles that weekend and haven't played with another racquet since. My arm problems have gone away. The ProKennex 165 HC2 Quad is Awesome if you're looking for a perfect combination of balance, control and power.
From: Charlie
Mesa, AZ 07/08
Skill-level: OPEN
String type and tension: 35 lbs w/ Liquid 17

Comments: I recently got this Pro-Kennex HC2-165 Quad as a birthday gift from my dad. Never had a Pro-kennex Racquetball racquet before but this is the best racquet I ever own in my entire years as a racquetball player.......... Well Balance, Head Heavy that helps to improves your game to the highest level, giving you a lot of power, great control and precision in every shot you make. I just love this racquet !!! For some players that are used to play with a head light racquets (E-force, some Ektelon, some wilson)you might feel that's a heavy racquet at the beggining but once you get used to this Super Stiff Stick you will be amazed by the control & power that comes from this amazing racquet !!!! Just Give it a try !!!!
From: John Smash
San Diego, CA 1/08
Level: A

Comments: I have been playing with all top of the line E-Force Racquets for the past 5 years until a friend of mine let me try the new Pro-Kennex HC2 Quad 165. Wow this is an amazing racquet !!! This racquet has everything you need to win a game. Power, Control, Super stiff and a huge sweet spot !! you can't go wrong with this racquet. I already have 4 of them. If you don't believe me go ahead and just try it you will love this racquet.
From: Mauricio Perez
Houston, TX 1/08
Level: Open

Comments: I had a ProKennex HC2 165 (model 2006/07), the best racquet I ever had, but it broke and a friend of mine suggested to get one of the new E-force models. I did and for the past 2 weeks I tried The E-Force: Lethal 170, the Lethal NXT Gen 175 and the Bedlam Dagger 170. Great racquets but none of them have the control & the power that the ProKennex HC2 has so I decided to get the new ProKennex HC2 165 Quadraform and let me tell you it is by far a better racquet than the previous ProKennex HC2. It has excellent control, great power, is super stiff and you don't feel any vibration at all when you hit the ball. For me it is just the best racquetball racquet you can get out there right now.
From: Ornan Bosque
Weston, Fl 10/07

Comments: I recently demo'd this racquet and loved it. It is well balanced, not head heavy like last years hc2/165. I got used to the stick right off the bat! This stick is comparable to the core 1 165 but more advanced; give it a shot!!
From: Raul Nieves
Agawam, MA 09/07 String type and tension:Factory stringing and grip

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