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ProKennex Momentum 165 Racquet

Comments: Currently use a ProKennex 170 racket.  I didnt think i had as much power with the 165 as my 170 or 175 PK rackets.  The control was nice and it was a solid racket from the first swing.  I am really excited to try the 170 momentum next I think that will just feel a little more stable on off center hits. I also tried the Head Great White, E-Force 170 Darkness, PK Momentum 165 and the Head Radical 160.  I wasnt a fan of the Great White.  If I was rating these rackets it would be 1a Head Radical 160, 1b PK Momentum 165, 2 E-Force 170 and 3 Head Great White.
From: David, Fargo, ND, USA, 12/16
Skill-level: A
String type and tension: 17g std 

Comments: I demoed this racquet as an also ran to fill out my box when I was trying to decide between the GBX1 165Q and 170Q. It was an it's all I want to play with. The reason is the absolutely incredible maneuverability and accuracy. Coming from the Ektelon Classic 175, a jack of all trades racquet of accuracy, maneuverability, and power, my front court game improved immensely with this stick in my hand. It moves almost like a table tennis racquet and playing with it I feel like I can return everything near me with touch for winners all over the front court. Power feels greater than my ESP although this racquet does require you to generate the pop on your own. No matter because it is so light that if you have a decent swing speed you can crush the ball. My only critique is that it is a little pingy and doesn't come with a dampener. Perhaps adding one would solve that problem. All in all it doesn't have the power of the GBX1's but every other aspect is so strikingly good that I can't pass it up. Ordering...
From: Roger, San Antonio, TX, USA, 08/16
Skill-level: B+
String type and tension: Factory 

Comments: OK.....I was always a Head guy until a buddy gave me his Shadow when my strings broke on my Black Widow.. I really liked the feel and grip of ProKennex. I immediately purchased the FCB165 and loved the control, however the power was just a little less. When I stepped on the court with the Momentum, I was very happy that I still had the control, however the power is back. Now I have the best of both worlds....Thank you....Purchasing a back-up...
From: Scott, Wyckoff, NJ, USA, 08/16
Skill-level: C/B  Depends 
String type and tension: Pure Liquid 17  Factory set(?) 

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