Gamma Progression II 602 Stringing Machine
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The Gamma Progression II 602 Stringing Machine:

  • Drop weight tensioning mechanism
  • Patented diamond coated, ratchet gripper
  • 6 point Quick Mount System
  • Composite floating string clamps
  • Base with tool tray
  • Starter String Pack of 3 FREE sets of Gamma performance string
  • USRSA Getting Started Stringing Guide
  • Tools Included: Gamma Pathfinder Awl, Awl, Pliers, Razor Cutter
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Comments: Had this machine for about 4 years. Couldn't be happier!
From: Mark, 8/12

Comments: I have had my stringing machine for 2 years I have been very satisfied. This is a great machine, it holds the racquet securely. Paying attention to the details will help you get a high quality string job. In addition, it is built very well.
From: Jim, 4/12

Comments: I recommend this stringer to anyone new to stringing! It's a great stringer that has held up very well. The six-point pressure system gives extra assurance along with the very accurate drop weight tension mechanism. It's a very good price for the stringer itself and I know I'll be trusting this brand name until the day I stop stringing! I'm a 5.0 ranked, heavy-hitting player with a Dunlop AeroGel 200 and the stringer not only did a perfect job for my racquet, but for all of those people coming and asking me to string for them too!
From: Michael, 4/12

Comments: I had it for around 3 years before I sold it, and I loved it. It did what it did, all you need to do is maintain/clean the clamps once in a while and you are all set. I made some money from it stringing other people's racquets. I'm planning on buying another one, and get back into stringing racquets. Overall message, if you play tennis a lot and you are tired of paying $10+ to string your racquet, then this is a great investment.
From: Reynz, 10/11

Comments:To Paul, the ST II uses a crank for tensioning and also has fixed clamps while the 602 has floating clamps and uses a drop weight for tensioning. There will not really be a difference in stringing quality (since you ask the difference between prices) but the amount of time to string is heavily factored as well as convenience. Refer to "message boards" on the top right for more information.
From: Anon. 1/09

Comments: Hello, I'm new in the stringing business, but I'm planning to buy a stringing machine. And I want to ask, what are the differences between this Gamma Progression ST II and Gamma progression II 602 stringing machines? Are there any differences if I string my raquet with $339 or $680 machine?
From: Paul, Lithuania. 11/08

Comments: This stringing is long lasting for people who strings occasionally, I love the 6-point pressure feature so your racquet won't be warped due to the string tension's pressure hold. I suggest you get this if you're new to the stringing business!
From: Angelo, San Lorenzo, CA, USA, 10/08