adidas has hit the mark in the adipower Stabil 10.1.╩╩True to the Stabil's reputation, this incarnation offers plenty of support when making quick movements around the court while incorporating enough mesh to keep your feet cool.╩╩The patented Band-of-Power extends from the heel to the forefoot to make sure your foot is on complete lockdown.╩╩Meanwhile, adidas' Sprintweb technology integrated with mesh paneling allows the shoe to stay lightweight, cool, and supportive, making for an extremely comfortable ride.╩On the bottom you will find the Top Grip Outsole to provide maximum traction, and╩to top it off, the stylish yet simple design is eye-catching without being gaudy, resulting in a classic look for today's modern player.

  • Fit: Length is true to size, with a slightly generous width.╩╩Arch support is low; no break-in required.
  • Upper: AdiTuff, Band-of-Power, Sprintweb, and Torsion system all work in harmony to provide stability, breathability, and a light weight.
  • Midsole: AdiPrene, a shock absorbing EVA material for comfort.╩╩Ringcore, a 2nd density EVA for speed and the Motion Guiding System for stability and guidance.╩ miCoach compatible.
  • Outsole:╩Top-Grip gum rubber compound.
  • Weight: 13.1 oz's (size 10.0)
  • Colors: Solar Green/White
  • Comments: I bought these shoes about 2 months ago and loved them from the first! I've been wearing Stabils for the last 7 years and love the wide base and traction.  And the name says it all; my feet feel STABLE in these shoes! And they come in my size..14, what more could I ask for??
    From: Terrence, Atlanta, GA, USA, 05/14
    Skill-level: Elite

    Comments: Here is a quote from the RbW description of this shoe: "Fit: Length is true to size, with a slightly generous width.  Arch support is low; no break-in required.."  Here is my experience with the shoe after playing one night in them.  Fit is not true to size.  It is a bit smaller than listed.  The shoe does not have a "slightly generous width."  They are narrower than any of the Asics or Hi-Tech shoes I've owned in the past. As for break in requirements, I wouldn't say they require "no break in" though they are certainly less stiff than shoes by say, Ektelon.  Finally, this is the only shoe I've owned in the last twenty some years that gave me a blister on my little toe.  There is apparently a seam in the shoe right at that spot that rubs the outside of your foot.  Normally, I really like Adidas shoes.  But if you're interested in this shoe, I'd be cautious of making sure they feel good to you before stepping on the court.
    From: Mark W., El Dorado Hills, CA, USA, 04/14
    Skill-level: A 

    Comments: These shoes are great.  I bought them to replace the Asics Gel Rocket 6s.  A much more stabil shoe than the Asics.  I put Superfeet insoles in all of my shoes so comfort was the same. The traction was great as well.  The green color is bright and takes some getting use to.  9.5 out of 10.
    From: Dave, OH, USA, 03/14
    Skill-level: A