Dunlop I-Armor Racquetball Eyewear
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  • Ultimate vision, stability, comfort, and protection for racquetball
  • Adheres to BS 7930-1 and ASTM F803-03 for protective eyewear in sports
  • Contoured lens shape for improved peripheral vision
  • Ergonomically designed for incredible stability during rallies


Comments: One side arm broke while in my bag.  I only carry racquets, balls, and gloves in my bag, so I don't understand what stressed it.  Used these for about two months.  Glasses are comfortable and vision is good, but I'm disappointed with the durability. 
From: Rick, GA, 06/14

Comments: This eyewear is nice, but it does not come with a carry box or silk/cloth sack to keep the eyewear from getting scratched up in your bag.  For $30 I should at least get something to carry and protect the eyewear.  I could spend less money on another brand and at least get that much.
From: Beeman, 03/14
Skill-level: A 
[Beeman, This eyewear DOES come with the cloth carry pouch and a head strap. Those items are in the very bottom of the box under the cardboard flap. -RbW Staff]