E-Force Darkstar 160 Racquet
E-Force Darkstar 160 Racquet
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The E-Force Darkstar 160 Racquet features tons of frame designs unique to E-Force including 22” LongStrings for maximum power, bright orange Power Boosters G2 which stabilize the stringbed even on off-center hits, and a long Powerhouse Shaft.  Vibration dampening is provided by the Zero Richter Tubes X2 which encase each main-string through the handle and eliminate the need for a traditional worm-style dampener that may fall out. With durability in mind, E-Force engineers improved upon the Apocalypse Beta frame design by further refining the characteristics (such as size, shape, stiffness, quality, and placement) of the 50 individual graphite pieces that are molded together to create the Darkstar racquet frames.

All racquets come factory strung with a wrist cord installed. Click the Specs tab for more details.

Unstrung Weight: 160g*
Strung Weight: 205g
Strung Balance: Even
Strung Swingweight: 166 kg x cm² (high dynamic inertia = power)
Factory String: E-Force Oxygen 17 Black
Factory Grip: E-Force Resin Wrap Grip
Cover: Not included by manufacturer
String Pattern:
String Pattern:
14 Mains / 16 Crosses
Mains skip: None
One Piece
Shared Holes: 6H, 7H
Head Size: 108 sq. in.
Head Shape: Quadraform
Racquet Length: 22 in.
Composition: Graphite

*Unstrung weight is part of the name given to this racquet by the manufacturer. String never weighs more than 25 grams, so if there is more than a 25 gram variance between Unstrung Weight and Strung Weight then the manufacturer most likely measured the Unstrung Weight of the raw graphite frame (i.e. without grip, grommets, or paint). In addition, due to the porous nature of graphite material, all manufacturers approve of a +/-10 gram variance during the manufacturing process.

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