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Invade your opponent's game with the E-Force Invasion 160!  E-Force has improved on their previous line by adding even more High Octane Boosters that, when paired with the Quadraform head shape, gives you explosive power from the stringed and more comfort on off-center shots.  Of course E-Force has kept their other patented technologies in the frame to ensure that they're putting out one of the hardest hitting frames on the market.  Once you get this frame in your hand, you'll know the meaning of power and send your opponents into retreat.

Head Size: 107 sq. in. / 690 sq. cm.
Length: 22 inches / 56 cm
Unstrung Weight: 160g / 5.6oz
Strung Weight: 201.8g / 7.1oz
Balance: 11in. Even Balance
Swingweight: 149
Factory String: E-Force Oxygen 17
Composition: Graphite
Grip Type: E-Force Resin Wrap Grip
String Pattern:
14 Mains / 16 Crosses
Mains skip: N/A
One Piece
Shared Holes: 6H,7H
String Tension: 28-34 pounds

Comments: I tried two different demo racquets, 160g and 190g. I've been using Gearbox 160g, and to be honest I never had so much power before. I tried the 160g Invasion and my game totally changed. My friends asked me what I have done, to have so much control and power, and I told them that I was trying the Invasion. So what did they say? WOW!  As far as the 190g, I liked it as well because being an skinny guy, I don't have much muscle, so it helped me to recover those back wall balls with no problem at all. But in the front court I need the 160g. So it all depends the type of strategy I am playing. So I am looking forward to get both of them. And hit like never before. Good luck guys. I totally recommend these two racquets.

From: Sam, Placentia, CA, USA, 05/13

Skill-level:A String type and tension: Factory Demo

Comments: I have been a loyal EF user for the past 10 years and thought how could EF top last year's fantastic Heatseeker 2.0? The simple answer is that they couldn't. The HS2 was THE hardest hitting racquet EF ever made while the Invasion doesn't even have the power of the old Command PF. I have strung my Invasions with Oxygen 18 at 30 and 32lbs and still they only hit like the PF's for power.  The positives are the great new graphics and the racquet has top notch control. This would be an ideal racquet for a 55 year old B player who relies on touch and not hitting hard. If you are a power or outdoor player do yourself a HUGE favor and buy a HS2. You will not be disappointed in the power and durability in this racquet.

From: Jeff, FL, USA, 02/13
Skill-level: Opens
String type and tension: E-Force Oxygen 18G

Comments: I will start of on a positive note. I did not like they way this racquet hit when I first started using it. I immediately wished I had my heat seeker back in my hand. However after hitting mine (while they lasted) and a friends I adjusted to and enjoy the way the racquet feels and the power it has. The major downside to this racquet is that my TWO racquets didn't last 30 points. Both broke in the exact same place, right below the last power tube. With that being said I am getting two new 2.0's sent to me from E-Force. As others have stated there is a rattle and in my opinion the racquet isn't better than the 2.0, which has already proven its reliability and durability. Going back to ole reliable. I would strongly recommend saving a few dollars and getting the Heat Seeker 2.0.

From: Kaleb, Bozeman, MO, USA, 01/13
Skill-level: Open
String type and tension: Gearbox 17

Comments: Great racquet, more evenly balanced than previous E-Force models. Although this took some getting used to, it had tons of power, and definitely did not disappoint. Did not experience any vibration whatsoever.

From: Anon, Canada, 01/13
String type and tension: Factory

Comments: Have had this racquet for over a week and was really anticipating it's arrival since August. Fantastic racquet, not as head heavy as Heat Seeker (HS 2.0), BUT factory EF 2.0 17 strings were awful! Strung entirely too tight and the vibration was crazy. Still hit good shots, but power is not an upgrade over HS 2.0! Almost the same. Had racquet restrung to see if any of vibration problems would go away, and using a lower tension (34#)... they went away a little, but not completely. New power tubes cause vibration at sweet spot zone and it rattles too much. Only recommendation would be to eliminate power tubes, but wouldn't that turn this racquet into the Command with a different paint job? This racquet is the HS 2.0, different color, minus the head heavy points and with 5-6 more power tubes on each side! Sorry, just the honest truth and now I have nearly $280 in this racquet and I'm now playing with last years racquet!
From: WP, FL, USA, 12/12
Skill-level: B
String type and tension: Prince Lightning XX 16 Black - 32-34

Comments: Shake, rattle and roll without the roll, the new grommet vibrate making the racquet vibrate, the noise is simply annoying. So far the solution for this would be to cut off the grommets but then again way pay so much for that when you can get the same racquet from last year (without the problem).

From: Gilbert, San Diego, CA, U.S.A, 12/12
Skill-level: A
String type and tension: factory (demo)

Comments: I have been playing with E-Force racquets for 2 years now and recently with a Heat Seeker 2.0. The new Invasion line I figured would be just a newer racquet with nearly the same features as the Heat Seeker line, different colors and just added boosters. Well, I was WRONG! I have a 160g, and the results were immediate! This racquet is not as head heavy as the HS 2.0 and other than the added power boosters, the racuet has a different construction base. With the weight offset with the added boosters, this thing adds tremendous power and accuracy to every shot. Instant impact and my days of playing with my HS 2.0 are over! As advertised and top of the line! You will not regret purchasing this racquet! I'm sure with upgraded strings, it can be even better, but factory strings are not bad at all. Hope this helps someone with a racquet decision, because if you are fond of the Heat Seeker line, you won't believe what E-Force has done now!

From: Wes, Ft. Myers, FL, USA, 12/12
Skill-level: B-
String type and tension: Factory (For Now!)