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The classic Ektelon DPR 2500 Lite 170 Racquet continues to withstand the test of time. Weighing in at a true 170 grams unstrung with a 6 point head-heavy balance, this racquet has a forgiving sweet spot with plenty of pop. Designed for the serious competitor with a medium to fast swing speed.

Head Size: 106 sq. in.
Length: 22 in.
Unstrung Weight: 170g
Strung Weight: 193g
Strung Balance: 6 pts Head Heavy
Strung Swingweight: 156
Factory String: Ektelon Synthetic Gut @ 30 lbs
Composition: Tungsten/Graphite
Grip Type: Ektelon Wrap
Cover: Not included by manufacturer
String Pattern:
16 Mains / 19 Crosses
Mains skip: 5,7,9,11,12,13
Two Piece
Shared Holes: 10H
String Tension: 26-34 lbs

Comments: Judging by the year the first comment was sent, this racquet is holding the test of time. My first racquet was a "good buy" to see if I liked the game. I was late starter at 53, so wasn't ready to invest. Two years later I tried an Ektelon 03 and was very impressed by everything. After many hours of reading and scrutinizing racquets, I decided on DPR 2500 Lite and my game has improved dramatically. I am enjoying the game more than ever because of this "stick" and can hold my own with those I never made more than 5 pts on. They complement my improved game, but credit goes to a well made racquet that suits my needs. I will gladly recommend this racquet and suggest buyers to your site. There is so much information and technical detail given that a person will end up with a racquet that fits them. Very happy with mine and compliments to good Customer Service.
From: CDR, Derby, VT, USA, 03/13
Skill-level: Average
String type and tension: Synthetic Gut@32 lbs

Comments: I've been playing with this racquet for about a year now and I really like it (I have the older one with the clear grip).  I used to have arm pain with my (very) old racquet and it cleared up once I started using the DPR.  Perhaps I'm a bit wimpy or something, but I have no idea why folks are breaking theirs.  I've given the walls various good smacks and well as having some racquet on racquet contact (you can see the various chips on the racquet) but no breakage what-so-ever.  Overall I'm very happy with it.
From: Tomas 02/10
Skill-level: Intermediate

Comments: I purchased the Ektelon DRP 2500 Lite Racquet on sale at a Big 5 Sporting Goods for $80.00 at the end of Dec. 2009; Suggested retail shown at $199.00; I am a left handed player with a small grip; I have played this game for many years; I find this racquet helpful as to controling or placing the shot. I would not considered myself as a hard hitter and my backhand is typical for a C player, inconsistant and weak.  The racquet seems to help bring the ball upward to the front on that low return instead of skipping especially on that "weak" backhand shot.
From: Alan
Torrance, California 01/10

Comments: I've played with the DPR for around 3 years, with absolutely no problems. Love it.
From: Drew
Skill-level: B 11/09

Comments: I bought a DPR and within the first month of use it formed three cracks. I sent it back and the day I received my replacement I played. The new one cracked within 15 minutes of play. The DPR has got to be one of the worst racquets for durability. I loved the play of the racquet, but one back wall shot and it smashes to pieces.
From: Hank, Wilmington, NC, USA, 05/08

Comments: I have been playing with this racquet for about 2 months and i love it. after I purchased it i noticed my ceiling shots became 2nd nature and so did my serves. the only problem is it is a little head heavy. I will continue to play with ektelon for my whole RB life
From: Mark, Puyallup, WA
factory tension and string

Comments: Bought two DPR 2500 Lites for heavy playing weekly. Good control and balance, and lot's of power. I can control my dink shots now with this racquet. Clearvue grip wears out very fast due to perspiration(even while wearing gloves), I had to replace with Python grips. Had to install grommet tape because the strings tend to expose themselves while bouncing off of sidewalls. The strings were restrung with Technifibre 505 @ 40lbs, loosened up nicely after 2 weeks worth of playing. I caught these racquets going on sale, so I bought 2.
From: Ron
Arlington, TX 03/08
Technifibre 505 @ 40lbs.

Comments: Super lite racquet, great ball control and almost no vibration, great racquet for all levels.
From: Scott
Severn, Md 03/08

Comments: just got back into playing RB since college 10 years ago when I was a solid B player. I had always played Ektelon and this racquet is like nothing I have ever played before. The DPR 2500 is very powerful with a huge sweet spot. I have broken one of the frames but it was taken care of by the manufacturer and I still believe that this racquet is pretty durable. Don't forget it looks awesome. I own three because I won't be without one again.
From:Brent, Indiana

Comments: I have playing with the DPR 2500 Lite for almost 1 1/2 years now, as a 62 year old B player with over 30 years of experience. My style of play is mostly finesse with a variety of touch shots. Immediately there was more power added to my game with no vibration and a larger sweet spot, and I was able to successfully add more passing shots to my game. My game improved tremendously after using this racquet.
Unfortunately, I broke the frame for the third time, and it was no longer under warranty. The last breakeage was player error, with 2 players going for the same ball in doubles and meeting racquets. The other breakages occurred by wear and tear hitting walls. So, I tried out the Red 03 Ektelon racquet the other day, and found a vibration with it immediately. So even though durability for the 2500 Lite is a question, I'm going back to the 2500 Lite again, with hopes that the frame won't break this time.
From: Neal
Archer, Florida 10/06

Comments: I just got back into playing racquetball after a 15 year hiatus. My last racquet was an Ektelon Grpahite CBK. I consider myself an intermediate level player. The Ektelon DPR 2500 Lite is the best racquet I have ever put my hands on. There are no vibrations when you hit the ball in the sweet spot, the racquet is very light and offers a lot of power and ball control. Very comfortable and very easy to get used to unlike other racquets of its headsize. My game has improved significantly since I started using this racquet. It has an attractive appearance and is obviously a very well thought out racquet by Ektelon. If you are a serious racquetball player at any level it is definitely worth the money.
From: Rich, Jacksonville, Florida, USA 06/05
String type and tension: Factory

Comments: I am a pro sponsored player for Ektelon. I was hesitant to switch from theMore Dominant to the DPR Lite because of the difference in frame thickness . I thought the wider DPR Lite frame would lose the control that I had with the thinner Dominant frame. Boy, was I wrong! Not only did it have as much, if not more control, it increased my power significantly. I also have experienced some string breakage but am glad that I can remedy the situation based on the reviews here. For the guy that is giving up on Ektelon because of it, I say "his loss!" At least Ektelon offered a simple remedy for the situation to avoid waiting for a replacement. A two monthturnaround doesn't signify laziness by Ektelon. It signifies that the racquet is a hotseller and they are selling them faster than they can make them. Not many companiesof any products will even give you that kind of insight to fix your product and willmake you wait for a product replacement. Wait till you all try the new Ektelon racquet coming this summer!
From: Kersten Hallander San Diego, CA Ektelon Lightning XX 32lbs.

Comments: I've been using Ektelon for over 20yrs. When it is time to upgrade, the only question for me was which was the new top-of-the-line from Ektelon or which weight to use. Last week I bought 3 DPR2500 Lites. I broke the string (yes, at the lower ring) in my second day playing. I also found out that an open player in my club is not using his DPR2500 Lite because he keeps braking the strings too. I decided to give Ektelon the benefit of the doubt (after all, I've been pretty happy for the last 20yrs). I called them this morning and they told me that I could polish the sharp edges in the lower rings myself or send it back to Ektelon for a replacement (2+ month’s waiting list). I paid a lot of money for these racquets, and I hear "yeah, we know about the problem, but you can fix it yourself". For $180 a racquet I expect to get premium quality... otherwise I'd buy one of those beginner bundles that comes with a glove and a ball. So I went back to the store and returned the 3 racquets immediately. I'm pretty disappointed, and even though the DPR2500 fell OK (during my 1st day), I won't buy Ektelon for a while. Right now I'm looking at the Head Liquidmetal 170gr and E-force.
From: Alex, Dallas, Texas, USA String type and tension: Factory

Comments: I had been playing a More Dominant since last summer and recently cracked the frame. Since the racquet was still under warranty, I decided to upgrade to the DPR Lite. I was pleasantly surprised to find the DPR had more power and more control, although, I experienced some string vibration at first. The biggest problem was that I popped a string in the first 10 minutes of use. Yes, it was string #1. Maybe there are more than 300 of these with the problem described before. It's still the best racquet I've ever put my hands on.
From: Chris, Des Moines, IA, USA. 3/05

Comments:I have not played much since a back injury 10 years ago. Needless to say that last racquet I played with (that I liked) was the Ektelon Mentor and loved it. I have recently entered back into the game and was playing with a low level Ektelon Racquet (12 years old) since I broke the Mentor and was struggling to get my game back which is frustrating since I use to be a B+ player. I received a DPR 2500 Lite for Christmas and I am amazed at the power and accuracy. Kills shots are close to what they were before and I have only played with the racquet twice (can't wait till I am used to the racquet). I am impressed with the amount of ball control I have. I know I have a long way to go to get back to previous playing levels but the DPR 2500 Lite will make the journey back more fun!!
From:Mike, Atlanta, GA, USA. 1/05

Comments: In reference to the chronic string breakage, there were around 300 racquets with this problem (due to the double power rings). The problem has been resolved.
From: Adrian, El Paso, TX, USA. 11/04
String type and tension: factory

Comments: The 2500 lite is excellent! I know you can't buy skill, but this racquet sure has helped my game go from good to better. I like the looks just as much as the performance, and refer to it as my Ferrari.
From: Max, Gilbert, AZ, USA. 11/04
String type and tension: factory

Comments: I agree that it is a great racquet and produces a lot of power, but some of my comrades (A & open players) have had chronic string breakage on strings 1 & 2. Could it be only them?
From: Adrian, El Paso, TX, USA. 11/04
String type and tension: Factory

Comments:Well now, just when I was getting used to my More Dominant racquet, along comes an opportunity to place an early order for the new hot stick, the DPR 2500 Lite. I am so glad I did. I have played with it twice and I must say it has even more power than the More Dominant. I can only attribute it to the longer strings (Perhaps, what E Force has been telling us all along really is true). Anyway, as an older B+ player, I can use all the extra zip I can get. I don't really find anything wrong with this racquet. They finally used a premium grip instead of the previous wrapped model. I did change my strings immediately to the new Head MegaBlast strings (a personal favorite) and I will say this racquet rocks. I jumped on one of our clubs better A players, and managed to get by him. While I must say, the racquet alone did not do the all the work, it held up it's end of the bargain. I ripped a couple of shots that definitely had more zip than anything I have ever hit before. In summary, just when you thought that the racquets really couldn't get much better, the mad scientists at Ektelon managed to pull yet another rabbit out of their hat. I cannot wait to see what Kane will do with this stick.
From: Greg, Haiku, HI, USA. 10/04
String type and tension: MegaBlast @ 29lbs.

Comments: I’m a sponsored Ektelon player, played with the Dominant racquet last year and loved it. This year I received the new 2500 DPR Lite, and it blew my mind. What a great racquet! Ektelon’s really done it right again this year. The Dominant racquet took me a few months to get used to, but with this new racquet I was able to master it within a few weeks without trying to find the sweet spot. I love this racquet and would recommend it to anyone that’s serious about playing racquetball. Thanks and keep swinging.
From: Kennedy, APO AP 96258-0289 (Korea). 10/04
String type and tension: Manufacter stringing

Comments: I recently bought the DPR 2500 Lite and have found it to be the most impressive racquet I have ever used. I was amazed by the power that it had but even more amazing was the lack of vibration. There was absolutely none. Previously ,I was using the Ektelon MORE Attitude racquet and the DPR 2500 makes it feel like something for a beginner. Although, I still believe it is an awesome racquet.
From: Nevin, Grand Forks, ND, USA. 9/04 String type and tension: Factory

Comments: This racquet has a lot of power, and just as Efram said, it does take a couple sessions to get used to, but once you get used to it, it is the best racquet. The DPR Lite is head heavy and the DPR is head light. I strongly suggest people in B/A/OPEN get this racquet.
From: Tim, Bristol, CT, USA. 9/04 String type and tension: Ashaway Superkill 17 @ 35lbs.

Comments: I am in the market for a new racquet, so I've been demoeing all the latest and greatest from all the manufacturers. For the record, I am not sponsored, and play tournaments at the "A" level. I demoed this racquet last weekend, and found it to be very solid, though somewhat head-heavy. It was a comfortable racquet to hit with, and had no vibration problems. Other than the "head-heaviness" of the frame, I found it to be an excellent racquet. The color scheme is quite attractive too. If I were basing my decision on looks, I'd buy this one with no hesitation!
From: Eric, Seattle, WA, USA. 9/04
String type and tension: Factory

Comments: Although it took a couple of sessions to get use to the added power (keeping it off the back wall), this racquet is no doubt the most powerful one that I have ever had the pleasure of playing with. It also has a great deal of control and overall feel to allow for the occasional touch shot. The Ektelon DPR 2500 Lite is a class "A" product!
From: Efrem Coley Easton, PA, USA Factory Configuration