The Classic Pro is constructed with premium Cabretta leather - a great fitting, naturally tacky glove.

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  • Stay-soft leather treatment
  • Cool and comfortable "Power Net" mesh backing
  • Hydrolyte Moisture Management System

Comments: I have used this glove I got as a gift for over 2 years. Works great and feels good, and doesn't get my hand terrible sweaty. My only concern is having a large hand, the fitting was 100% and it did start to rip at some seams after few months of play time where the mesh meets the leather. Recently a rip started in the leather along the right ring finger. I had quite a break in how often I played from 2-3 times a week to no play in that timeframe.

From: Jamie, Madison, WI, USA, 06/13

Skill-level: B to A range

Comments: This is a great glove period. I have owned several gloves that sell for significantly more money- this glove out performs them all. Better leather, great fit, excellent breathability. Can't speak about durability yet, but they look good after a week of play. Highly recommended.
From: Anon, 10/11

Comments:  An excellent glove for beginners. The leather is tacky and holds well, while the entire back is mesh, keeping your hand incredibly cool. Though durability may be a question in the future, it is an excellent starting glove.
From: Steve
City, State, Country: Fort Wayne, IN 03/10
Skill-level: Beginner - Intermediate