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The Ektelon Premium Select has been, and still remains the ball of choice for many players. The Ektelon Premium select (Blue) is USRA approved and has a softer feel than some of the other racquetballs on the market.

Double Back Guarantee:
If any ball breaks before the label wears off, Ektelon will replace it with 2 new balls.
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Comments: This ball is my favorite, good speed and visibility, but I bought a case and from my first 37 balls, 18 broke with less than a game. I hope was only that batch.
From: Jose, Port St Lucie, FL, USA, 02/14
Skill-level: B 

Comments: Lively, durable and good visibility. I've yet to break one and usually can play 3 matches before I pitch the ball (warm up the ball under hot water). If you like the speed of Penn Green but a softer feel and better durability this is the ball for you.
From: Ed, PA, USA, 01/13

Comments: This ball is one of my favorites (I'm also partial to the ProPenn Green).  Durability, speed, and consistency are satisfying and applicable to players of multiple levels.  Haven't broken one so far, so I've gotten my money's worth out of the can I have.
From: Steve
City, State, Country: OH 12/09
Skill-level: B