Ektelon Classic Racquetballs 2 Ball Can
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Introducing the Ektelon Classic - a rally ball approved by USA Racquetball that features enhanced visibility and lighter feel for premium performance. A favorite of the Racquetball Warehouse staff.

Double Back Guarantee:
If any ball breaks before the label wears off, your Ektelon Dealer will replace it with 2 new balls.
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Comments: These are my favorites overall. They're a touch 'slower' perhaps encouraging longer rallies and a tad more finesse than brute force. I've had excellent durability and longevity with these myself.

From: Patrick, Phoenix, AZ, USA, 12/12

Comments: Maybe we got a bad batch, but my friend and I bought these on the "staff recommendation". BOTH balls blew open within their first game, before the logos even started wearing off. We're decent players, but not pro-level by any means, so I was surprised how quickly they fell apart. Would NOT recommend!
From: Sven 4/08
Seattle, WA, USA