Ektelon Classic Racquetballs 3 Ball Can
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Introducing the Ektelon Classic - a rally ball approved by USA Racquetball that features enhanced visibility and lighter feel for premium performance. A favorite of the Racquetball Warehouse staff.

Double Back Guarantee:
If any ball breaks before the label wears off, Ektelon will replace it with 2 new balls.
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Comments: Done.  No more.  I've purchased at least 20 cans since my last post (play with a new ball each time).  I've opened cans where the balls seem to lose bounce with every stroke.  Dead out of the can. The warranty is great, but not practical. It's too much hassle to drive to UPS AND pay for the shipping for a $4 can of balls.....definitely not worth it.
From: Paul, Lewisville, TX, USA, 10/14
Skill-level: B/A- 

Comments: Pretty disappointed.  Two balls broke within the course of only 4 games.  Has to be some kind of defect.  I have noticed that these balls do get squishy very fast.  RbW was great to quickly give me account credit.  That said, I have 4 more cans....hopefully better luck with them.
From: Paul, Lewisville, TX, USA, 10/13
Skill-level: B/A- 

Comments: These balls are the best !! So much fast and high control!!
From: Luciano, Pembroke Pines, FL, USA, 09/12

Comments: I have played with many different brand s and types of balls. These balls have the best "true bounce" and speed in my opinion. They are my favorite.
From: Angel
City, State, Country: TX 04/10
Skill-level: A

Comments:  These are my new favorite balls, they all hit great time and again. Has a very light weight feel to it that leaves no strain on elbow and wrist. What separates this ball from the rest is the longevity, these balls will last you a great deal of time without breaking and without going dead. They hit excellent and slow down enough to keep the rally's alive. I don't use any other ball anymore and would recommend to my friends.
From: Sam
City, State, Country: Denton, TX 03/10
Skill-level: B