Ektelon Fireball 24 Can Case / 72 Balls
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USRA racquetball approved, this new Ektelon Fireball is designed for indoor and outdoor use. This is the fastest playing ball from Ektelon. The red color provides enhanced visibility while playing outdoors.

Double Back Guarantee:
If any ball breaks before the label wears off, your Ektelon Dealer will replace it with 2 new balls.

Note: Cases of balls ship separately.

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Comments: The best ball I've played with.  Love the pace of the game with this ball.  Only downside, a big one, is that each ball only seems to last a couple of games of racquetball.  Nevertheless, I plan on ordering a case.
From: Ahmed, VA, USA, 01/14
Skill-level: Intermediate 

Comments: This is by far the best outdoor "big-ball handball" ball that I've played. It's super fast and lasts forever compared to Penn 5 star ball. These balls are out of stock everywhere, I'm not sure why; but every ball I play with now is similar to slow motion with no bite.
From:  Mark, Springfield, MO, USA, 06/12
Skill-level: intermediate