E-Force Oxygen 17 Racquetball String
E-Force Oxygen string is known for its power, elasticity and resilience. Featuring an enhanced soft-feel with minimal vibration and quick recovery upon ball impact. Good durability. 45 foot LongString easily strings all racquets.
  • Gauge: 17 (1.27mm) (16 & 18 also available)
  • Length: 45 feet
  • Composition: Multifilament (over 1200 composite micro fibers supported by a super fine nylon wrap and three layers of polyurethane)
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Comments: I broke my Prokennex string after 3 months, I play 3 times for week, I put these E-Force and they are excellent, gave my kmfft 175 a extra fire power and very good control, try it you wont regret it.
From: D.M., 02/13

Comments: I am an elite NorCal player and I string racquets for many other shooters. I can say Bar-None that this sting is the best on the market today for the money and performance. It is powerful and due to the multifilament construction, it offers superior feel of the ball on the string bed, AND best of all it is very forgiving to those miss-hit shots which would normally cut a string on the grommets at the edge of the frame. Get it now and watch your shots RIP while your opponents wonder what you did to advance so freakin quick.
From: Tricky, Santa Rosa, CA, USA, 02/11
Skill-level: ELite

Comments: The best string i have ever used. Best control, best power but less durability. Less vibration and smooth. String breaks after two months play, about 200 games.
From: Nadeem Sharifuddin
City, State, Country: Des plaines, IL 01/10
Skill-level: A/B

Comments: I was hesitant at first with this string but ended up loving it. I got it at the local Sports Authority, it was the only racquetball only string they carried. To my surprise, this string has awesome power, control, and most importantly "pop". This gives the racquet a smoother feel, very little vibration, and sufficient power when needed. Durability is good. I have played 20+ hours, there is a little wear n' tear to the strings where I hit the ball, but power retention is good and it seems to be very stable. I would definitely recommend this string.
From: Jung
Irving 06/08
Skill-level: A/B w/ Head Metallix 170

Comments: Wasn't too sure at first try, but tried it again and was really impressed! I would suggest stringing it in the same manner as Technifibre (tension and then re-tension) to get the most out of this string.
From: Blake
Fresno, California 3/31/06