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The Ektelon Quantum eyewear feature the classic over-the-glasses design. See the ball clearly while wearing your prescription glasses underneath.

  • Superior optical quality, impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses and frame.
  • Vented design for maximum air flow.
  • Anti-fog treated lenses with scratch-resistant coating.
  • Washable sweat band absorbs moisture during play.

Meets ASTM impact standard F803

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Comments: I've been ordering and wearing these for over a decade. Ready to order my third pair. In addition to what was already said,I've never broken a pair!  I only reorder them because the little rubber goodies beneath the eyes wear out in about 3 or 4 years. Other than that, GREAT PRODUCT!
From: Randy, Woodland Hills, CA, USA, 01/14
Skill-level: B 

Comments: Playing doubles, I turned to pick up the ball coming from the back wall.  My partner hit the ball instead.  The ball was hit hard  right between the eyes.  The goggles took the full impact with no damage to the goggles and virtually no pain to me.  I wouldn't play without them.  I've had them for 3 years.  They haven't scratched and they have never fogged up. 
From: Darrell, Merced, CA, USA, 08/13
Skill-level: C