The new and improved Nike Elbow Sleeve offers the same exceptional support in a lighter weight, more streamlined design. The compressive support material offers superior heat and moisture management and does an excellent job of wicking away sweat. Unique rubber material stretches to conform to individual arm types. Great for some added support and warmth is needed for an injured or slightly sore elbow.
  • Regulates heat, keeping muscles and joints warm without overheating
  • Expels moisture with minute pumping actions, to keep skin dry and comfortable
  • Compressive support for muscles, ligaments and joints
  • Measure around elbow with arm straight for correct size. Medium sized support for a 8-9 inch elbow. Large sized support for an 9-10 inch elbow.
  • Material: 54% Rubber, 39% Nylon, 5% Spandex, 2% Other
  • Available colors: Black

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