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Just as Dodge reintroduced their vintage Charger with modern day stylings, Ektelon too has resurrected a classic and turned it into a contemporary wonder.  The new Ektelon EXO3 RG Toron is racquetball legend, Ruben Gonzales's stick of choice as he makes his comeback onto the tour.  This hybrid of new technology and old tradition has been designed with a modified teardrop head design and aggressive black and red cosmetics.  The 170 gram unstrung weight and relatively even balance makes this racquet easy to maneuver but also hits like a #1 ranked Pro Player. Look for the new Toron on tour as Ruben makes his way up the ranks.

Head Size: 106 sq. in. / 684 sq. cm.
Length: 22 inches / 56 cm
Unstrung Weight: 170g / 6oz
Strung Weight: 203.8g / 7.2oz
Balance: 11.25in. 2 pts Head Heavy
Swingweight: 148
Factory String: Ektelon Premier Power 17
Composition: Graphite
Grip Type: Ektelon Vison II
Cover: Not Included
String Pattern:
16 Mains / 19 Crosses
Mains skip: 7H,9H
Two Piece
Shared Holes: 5H,10H
String Tension: 30-38 pounds

Comments: Racquet feels heavier than a normal 170g. When striking the ball, it has a ton of power and great control.
From: Thomas, New York, NY, USA, 06/12
String type and tension: Ektelon Premier 17g

Comments: Fantastic stick, hits like no other, really fits my game well as I tend to hit the ball higher on the sweet spot than others and this racquet DOES have a sweet spot that is higher towards 12 o'clock. I play with a dampener, but it doesn't need one, just a personal preference.
From: Brent, Tucsn, AZ, USA, 09/11
String type and tension:Factory-until they break 

Comments: Great power and accuracy. I would strongly recommend a dampener. I played one game without then put one on. It turned a good feel into a great feel. The difference was night and day.
From: Steve, Allentown, PA, USA, 07/11
String type and tension: Factory

Comments:  This new Ektelon racquet is amazing, the sweet spot is huge and it lies towards the top of the racquet. The power and accuracy that you can produce from this racquet is incredible. The racquet doesn't come with a dampener and it felt solid, I can only imagine when I put one on. I truly believe this is the best racquets that Ektelon has ever made!
From: Carlos, Miami, FL, USA, 07/11
String type and tension: Factory