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The Ultimate Club Racquet. As Gearbox's mid level racquet, the GB 125 offers a good balance of power and control. This racquet differs from the GB 250 in the materials used. With 20% Glass Fiber, and 80% graphite this racquet will offer some more flexibility aiding in the versatility of this frame. Try out this racquet today and see what this fresh new company has to offer!
Head Size: 106 sq. in. / 684 sq. cm.
Length: 22 inches / 56 cm
Unstrung Weight: 170g / 6oz
Strung Weight: 185.7g / 6.9oz
Balance: 11.25in. 4 pts Head Heavy
Swingweight: 151
Factory String: Gearbox Mono Premium 17 @ 30 lbs
Beam Width: 24
Composition: High Modulus Graphite
Grip Type: Gearbox Smooth Wrap
String Pattern:
14 Mains / 19 Crosses
Mains skip: N/A
One Piece
Shared Holes: 6H,7H,1T,2T,4T
String Tension: 25-35 pounds

Comments: Yo ya probé estos shorts y son muy cómodos para jugar. Se siente un poco de licra, para cuando haces pasos largos se estira cómodamente, excelentes shorts.

I already tried these shorts and are very comfortable to play. It feels a bit of Lycra for long steps when you are comfortably stretch, excellent shorts.
From: Mario Rock, Mexico, 06/12
Skill-level: Pro

Comments: Bought after reading 100% positive feedback on this site. Used to play with Bedlam Lite (old version, which has similar design and weight) until all three frames cracked in the same spot (top corner). The difference: slightly less power with WAY more control. More consistent ceiling game, down the line and cross court passes are more accurate, drive and lob serves are precise. I attribute the increased control to the balance of this racquet, 2pts head heavy, which compliments my controlled power style of play. Best bang for your buck hands down.

From: Matty Ice, Montgomeryville, PA, USA, 05/12
Skill-level: A
String type and tension: factory

Comments: Ever since i started playing, Ektelon was my choice of racquet from the whites, reds, black and copper until breaking four Coppers in two months(April) it was time for a change, GB 125. The price was great and I purchased two. No more in the State of Hawaii at the moment. Highly impressed with this racquet, the swing, handspeed, the feel and contact with the ball, which generates a lot more power and control compared to what i was using..made a change with the grip and went with the clear; wasn't used to the sponge, definitely can't beat the price! The only dude playing with GB in the "Cage" on the Rock, jokes were many from our Ekte , Wils, E-for, and Head brothers.. NOT NO MORE - NO SIR !!! LOL..spanked those badboys outta there. Quality Racquet highly recommended, Unbelievable I'm sold on it.. would also like to see GB merchandise here, I look silly carrying my sticks in my Ekt bag etc.. Thanks to Joel and the Team at Gearbox.

From: Daryl(kiwi), Honolulu, HI, USA, 06/11
Skill-level: open - outdoor
String type and tension: Mono premium 17g, factory

Comments:  This stick is great. I've been trying out racquets for the past year and finally found one that had everything I need. This is a tough frame that can take a beating without breaking. Great control and good power. That head heavy balance really stabilizes your swing. Overall an awesome stick for the price!
From: Adam, Fort Wayne, IN, USA, 03/11
String type and tension: Price string - 1lb over highest factory suggested tension.

Comments: I just got back into the game after a 15 year hiatus. I was playing with my old Ektelon Eminence until I tried out a GB250. I bought it b/c it was an easy transition to that racquet yet it had more power and more maneuverability. Well, my son broke it and while waiting on what GB is going to do with it I tried out a GB125 and an Ektelon RG. There was no contest. I bought 2 GB125s as early Christmas gifts for my son and me. The GB125 feels the same as the GB250 except the 250 has a slightly faster swing feel. The racquet plays really well right out of the box but I am not real fond of the grip material. This is an awesome racquet for the price.  
From: Pete, Atlanta, GA, USA, 12/10
Skill-level:working on it
String type and tension:factory

Comments: A friend gave me this racquet and I instantly fell in love with it. I purchased a spare and use stock string and tension. I'm well into my 60's and play guys in 40's and up. Managed a racquetball club 1978-1983 and have played various brands throughout the years, Ektelon and E-force selling at higher prices.This is a quality racquet and is highly recommended.
From: Dennis, San Diego, CA, USA, 07/10
String type and tension: Stock

Comments: I love this racquet. Very balanced, easy to maneuver, hits with good power. I play with friends racquets every once in a while and after a game I always want this one back! They feel a lot like the E-force racquets at half the price. Very comfortable on the arm, pretty much no vibration at all (I've hit with a ProKennex and a Wilson that twanged like guitars and couldn't stand it). If you're looking to get a quality racquet and a great price I would highly recommend this racquet. One more thing, this racquet can take a beating too, I've whacked it numerous times with hard wall shots and a little paint make flake off, but no cracks in the frame. It's a solid racquet.
From: Brandon
City, State, Country: Grand Forks, ND 01/10
Skill-level: C-B
String type and tension: Still experimenting, last job was Ektelon lightning 16 ga at 32 lbs, and it played pretty well. I just restrung the racquet with the same string at 28 lbs but haven't hit with it yet. I would recommend different string from stock as the racquet feels smoother and easier on the arm after I changed the string.

Comments: I have been hitting with the GB 125 now for over a year and just ordered 2 more.  I am an open level player and have played with just about every brand of racquet out there.  YOU CAN NOT BEAT THIS RACQUET FOR THE PRICE. Not even close.  This racquet harnesses every drop of power and unleashes it on the ball.  I found that even the GB 250 ($199 model) lost power during aggressive backcourt down-the-line's and passes...probably b/c it has a thinner frame.  Regardless, you will not find a better racquet for the price, and in my opinion at all!  Perfect balance, very powerful, huge sweet spot, quick and light to maneuver up front...awesome top of the line racquet for half the price!
From: Scott
City, State, Country: SC
Skill-level: OPEN
String type and tension: CyberFlash 16 gauge/36 pounds

Comments: I love this stick! I have demo'd a grip of racquets trying to find a one that would play as nice as this one. I can't find one not even the higher end gear box racquets. Its light quick and powerful. Played four days straight with demos the last day pick up my GB125. Sent all the dems back. I have more feel and control with the GB 125 I am going just buy another for a spare I am done looking.
City, State, Country: Salt Lake City, UT
String type and tension:Factory set up

Comments: I was looking for a lighter racquet (lighter than 195g Ektelon Air o Bolt) and wanted a racquet that would be easy on my arm. This stick has great vibration dampening and feels very controlled. It's lightweight, and the solid construction is great. I thought I would lose some power going lighter but that doesn't seem to be the case with the GB125.
From: Todd
Huntsville, AL 03/09
String type and tension: Factory