Gearbox Black Racquetballs 3 Ball Can
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Gearbox has introduced this new racquetball to support events and tournaments around the country. With a focus on consistency, this ball is great for rallys and visibility against indoor walls and floors.
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Fast speed and comfortable feel
  • Consistent bounce
  • Ideal for longer rallies and training
  • USA Racquetball Approved
  • 3 racquetballs per box
Warranty: Gearbox will replace any broken ball that still has the label on it with 2 new racquetballs
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Comments: I like it very much, like many balls at the beginning are very live bounced ball. My friends like it but they said to me that they experience to be too slow for them. To me is perfect it keeps me running and long rallies. I still have some old GB balls and still in good condition. Long durability. Thank you so much GB. I love it!
From: Samy, Placentia, CA, USA, 10/12
Skill-level: B+

Comments: Great ball. Not as fast as the ProPenn purple...but WAY more durable and consistent. Been to two tournaments and have seen a combined 4 balls break. Every ball we pull out of the bag has consistently the same bounce and maintains that level of liveliness throughout the match. Thank you GB for this ball!!!
From: Antonio, Portage, IN, USA, 10/11

Comments: Thank you Gearbox! Feels like the old blue Penn to me. Much better than the "new" penn & ektelon balls since they moved the production out of country. Ball is light, lively and consistent.
From: Larry, Gilbert, AZ, USA, 10/11

Comments: I used this ball during a match tonight and I must say that Gearbox has put out a great product. This ball has a lot of action and a great soft feel. Awesome ball and you can tell it's a quality product.
From: Adam, Fort Wayne, IN, USA, 08/11
Skill-level: B

Comments: If you like the Ektelon black you will like these. Slower than Head purples but stays consistent longer.
From: Dan, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 08/11

Comments: This ball is great. I use it when I play doubles with my friends. We use this ball because they are super slow and fat, similar to Ektelon classic. Good ball.
From: Bgjoe, Bell Gardens, CA, USA, 08/11
Skill-level: Wack! but better than my friends