GU Energy Gel 8 Pack
GU Energy Gel is an advanced nutritional product designed to help athletes perform at their best. GU maintains higher glucose levels longer with its carbohydrate forumla (80% complex/20% simple).

  • - Maximizes muscle recovery with amino acids
  • - Fights free radicals with antioxidants
  • - Reduces inflammation with chamomile
  • - Soothes the stomach with ginger
  • - Eight 32g packs per box
  • - For training, eat one GU 15 minutes before, then one GU every 30-45 minutes
  • -Offered in a variety of flavors

Comments: I tried the orange flavor. The part I don't like is a somewhat spoiled type of flavor on the initial entry. But after that the aftertaste is fine, kind of like a sweet, viscous substance with some orange flavor (although I can imagine some people will find such a viscous sweet substance disgusting). I'm not sure about how much energy boost this gives you since I didn't notice much difference between taking it and not taking it. I play about medium level park recreation tennis. It did not cause me any stomach problems, nor did I notice much effect from the caffeine content (I'm not a coffee drinker). Overall, I won't be ordering this again due to the bad foretaste.
From: Andrew, 2/14

Comments: Good product, takes time to find what flavor you like, and how much to take. Some will upset your stomach more than others, due to caffeine contents, ingredients, texture, and thickness. Would suggest taking it with water to help it go down. Also, try only taking half of one at a time until your stomach can handle a whole one, as it is hard to digest stuff while the body is active.
From: Andrew, 9/13