Gamma Progression II ELS Stringing Machine
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The Gamma Progression II ELS Stringing Machine:

  • Electric constant pull tensioner (9 to 90 lb / 4 to 43 kg)
  • Digital control panel for +/- tension adjustment, 9 memory settings, lbs/kgs, pulling speed, pre-stretch, knot function and internal diagnostic check
  • 6-Point Quick Mount Support System
  • Slim profile all metal diamond coated string clamps with a unique self locking adjustment knob to hold strings with less clamping pressure.
  • Quick Action Swivel Clamp Bases
  • Diamond coated, rotational string gripper
  • 360 degree turntable rotation with locking brake
  • Base w/ 64 sq. in. tool tray
  • 110 / 220 volt compatible
  • Optional floor stand & cover (Sold separately)
  • Starter String Pack of 3 FREE sets of Gamma performance string
  • USRSA Getting Started Stringing Guide
  • Tools Included: Pathfinder Awl, Straight Awl, Hex Wrench Set, Straight Pliers.
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Comments: I received this machine for Christmas 2 years ago. Probably one of the best gifts I have ever received. This machine is totally worth what the price states. In fact, I think it could pull in more money because it is absolutely worth it. This machine makes life so simple, even without the stand. This is the first machine I have ever used and there's no way I would ever switch. I learned to string racquets about 2 and a half years ago and I am now stringing them between 17-19 minutes comfortably. This machine moves so flawlessly, I never have to move from the spot that I am standing to adjust anything. Everything is perfect with this machine. The locking brake is awesome, especially since I own the Prince Exo racquets, because it stays in place and will not move unless I unlock it. The quick mount support system will firmly hold the racquet in place with the machine. The self-locking adjustment clamps will hold on to the string and will never slip and they won't pinch the strings. They put on less pressure than most other clamps on other machines. And this machine comes with all the necessary tools for stringing any racquet. If I ever needed another machine or suggested to someone to buy one, I would definitely tell somebody buy this one.
From: Marco, 4/13

Comments: This is one slick machine. Everything about it is well thought-out. I really like the turntable lock! Unlike the Gamma 5003 that I previously had, this one has a positive locking system. You turn the lever and it moves a pin in between a gear, and absolutely stops the racquet from turning. I don't know why they don't brag about this feature more. Perhaps, it would just make the other locking system on the floor models look inferior. This is wonderful for the Prince big ported racquet's! Also, the tensioner switch is located just to the right of the tensioner head, so it's a smooth move (so-to-speak) to wrap the string around the head and tap the button to start the tension. IMO, a floor switch would be a waist of money on this machine. This Xmas, my wife bought me the optional floor stand (probably to keep me out of the kitchen and in the basement with the thing!) and I have been very happy with it. Besides all of the positive attributes to stringing with a constant pull machine, you do have to adjust down in tension if trying to match a new customers preferences, if their racquet has always been strung with a lock-out machine. BUY IT, IT IS WORTH THE EXTRA BUCKS!
From: Keith, Leesburg, VA, USA, 01/11

Comments: Very good machine for the string breakers
From: Eduardo Marroquin, Mcallen, TX USA 08/09
NTRP Rating: 5.0