Gamma Revelation 16 String
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A responsive multifilament that remains crisp yet comfortable even at higher tensions. Offers excellent control and ball feel. We found plenty of ball bite, resulting in good spin and some extra feel on touch shots. Features a hard pearl coating for durability.
  • Gauge: 16 / 1.32 mm
  • Length: 40 feet / 12.2 m
  • Construction: Isoelastic construction with a multifilament core and NCP tension fiber wraps for added tension maintenance.
  • Durable hard pearl coating.
  • Color: Natural
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Comments: Got this string included with my Progression stringer. Put it in my BLX Blade 98 (18x20) and am very pleased with it. Does everything well really. Good spin, feel and comfort strung at 59lbs. Good price on it also. After 3.5 hrs on court and some hard hitting, it's loosened a bit, but no more than other multis I've used, and string movement is minimal. Probably not quite as good as Tecnfibre NRG2 for a multi, but it's close, and also half the price. I restring often enough to give it the nod over the NRG2. I bought another set as I think I'll stick with it a while. Found it very elbow friendly as Luxilon Big Banger gave me all kinds of fits, and after switching to this my elbow pain magically disappeared.
From: Mike, 5/13

Comments: I bought this string, as it seemed like a decent product for the price. I'm definitely not a fan of this string. Not so much from a feel standpoint, but from a durability standpoint. First, it does not hold its tension well. After about 5 hours of play, there is a lot of extra movement in the strings, and there is a definite loss in crispness. Additionally, the strings almost appear to be fraying at locations where the strings cross. Beware!
From: Andrew, St. Peter, MN, USA, 03/11

Comments: No bite. I'm not sure what they mean by saying "spin friendly?" It provides no access to spin at all. The ball actually slips off the racquet. This was a major reason, which made me to refuse from using these strings any more.
From: Anon, Santa Barbara, CA. 09/10

Comments: If you're looking for a good AND affordable hybrid set-up, use Revelation with either the Gamma Zo Magic or Twist. The Twist will help provide a bit more bite on the ball because of its pentagonal cross-section. Just beware that the Revelation will break before the Magic or Twist in the mains. Interestingly, the Revelation doesn't make any noise at all when it breaks. You could use something a bit more durable in the crosses, but you will lose some feel. Again, I can't emphasize enough that you can't beat the price of this set-up. I am an open level amateur who occasionally plays future pros.
From: Luke, La Mesa, CA, USA. 08/09

Comments: I'm not sure if this is just me, but this string absolutely killed my arm. I played with it for about 6 hours over the course of a few days and my arm is throbbing like crazy. Durability is great, but the playability isn't quite what I expected from a multifilament. I will not be purchasing this string (the set came for free with my ST II Progression machine). This is also the first set of Gamma strings I have been disappointed with (I LOVE TNT2).
From: Patrick, Atlanta, GA USA 08/09

Comments: I received the strings free with the Gamma X-2 Stringing machine and I love them so far. In the first 2 hours of play the strings did not lose any tension, did not move and they were just perfect. I think I am going to buy the reel.
From: Fidai, Dallas, TX. U.S.A. 05/09

Comments: Not the best strings for the price. Bad durability. Took me about 9 hours to break them. After 5 hours, it became loose and the strings moved a lot during every point.
From: tep, SoCal. 3/09

Comments: I bought this string hoping that it played like Wilson Sensation Supreme. It doesn't. It felt similar but doesn't have the same pop and crisp feel that Sensation Supreme possesses. However, it is much more durable, lasting close to 10 hours of court time. 63 lbs on a Babolat PDR.
From: Andy, SF,CA. 12/08

Comments: This is a fun string for people who like to hit with power, but you don't really lose a lot of control for the power that you gain. Can break pretty quick, but you will notice it starting to fray when it's going to break.
From: Anonymous. 11/06

Comments: I am a 3.5 player who had been playing a poly/syn hybrid in a Prince Warrior OS. I began to develop shoulder soreness and didn't want to continue down that road. I have practiced and played with the Revelation 16 and it is a comfortable string with good control. It also provides good spin on serves and groundstrokes. The string also seems to help propel the ball on flat serves. The strings move around a little bit but not too bad yet. I can't comment on durability yet, but for the price, seems like a winner.
From: Dan, Atlanta, GA USA 04/06

Comments: I'm a senior 4.0 player who plays 5-6 times per week. I hit with topspin and like to power my serves and groundstrokes as much as possible. In my opinion, this is an excellent string for the money. It provides great power and control. Durability is just adequate.
From: Don, Tucson, AZ, USA. 11/05

Comments: I'm twelve years old and about a 4.0-4.5 NTRP level player and Gamma Revelation 16g string lasts me 4-6 days. The string feels great but it doesn't last very long. I wouldn't suggest this string for frequent string breakers like me.
From: Spencer, Waynesboro, VA, USA. 04/05