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If you travel heavy, the 2012 Head Tour Combi Bag is the clown car of racquetball bags. With enough room to fit a small boar, you'll never be without everything you need and even things you don't. The stitching on this bag is rough and durable, making it perfect for traveling from city to city and the two backpack straps, along with 3 quick grab handle options makes it easy to carry too. Finally, Head's trademark orange color, accented with white and grey makes this bag easy to spot on the conveyor belt, making you the most unique traveler on the tarmac.
  • Dimensions: L 31" x W15.5" x H 15"
  • 1 Large main pocket with internal separator pockets
  • 2 Temperature controlled racquet compartments, can fit up to 3 racquets each
  • 2 Large accessory compartments with internal organizers
  • 1 Shoe compartment
  • 1 Separate wet/dry bag
  • Dual padded, adjustable shoulder straps for comfort & padded handle for easy carrying
  • 3 Quick grab handles
  • Removable Glove cord

Comments:  [HEAD Club Ultra Combi Racquetball Bag] Great bag, has room for at least 5 racquets, all the balls, glasses and gloves that you have, shoes and change of clothes.  Nice padded handles and straps make it easy to carry and it is light without being flimsy.  The only complaint I have is I wish there were more side pouches in the main compartment
From: David, Saint Cloud, FL, USA, 04/15
Skill-level: C/D 

Comments: [HEAD Club Ultra Combi Racquetball Bag] Great bag!  Lots of room for multiple pairs of shoes, sleeves of balls, extra clothes and towels. Not to mention 2 side compartments that can easily hold 3 racquets each!
From: Brent, Baltimore, MD, USA, 01/15
Skill-level: A 

Comments: [Head Zeus Ultra Combi Bag] Great the bag, size is just right. Well made, material is nice & heavy so bag wont get droopy. Each section is well designed. Has lots of interior pockets and came with 2 smaller storage bags (one mesh and one for wet cloths.  I like this bag much better then my Ektelon Club bag, which doesn't have much shape to it and graphics are 'too loud' for my taste. 
From: LD, Cherry Hill, NJ, USA, 03/14
Skill-level: D/C 

Comments: [Head Racquetball Back Pack Bag] Great bag - lots of roomy compartments.  Lightweight and comfortable.  No issues with the glove string....plenty strong.  If you were to carry the bag by the string as opposed to the shoulder strap....yeah, I can see it giving over time....otherwise, more than sufficient to hold your gloves.
From: Paul, Lewisville, TX, USA, 10/13
Skill-level: A- 

Comments: Huge bag. Very thoughtfully designed with well considered features. Large enough for Rball gear and gym stuff so one bag sufficies rather than having to carry two. One deficiency is the attachments of the mounts for the glove string. This is woefully insufficient. On my bag both tore completely lose within weeks and I had to jury attach ad hoc substitutes... one expects better especially as the added cost of adequate attachment would be minimal.
From: Patrick, Phoenix, AZ, USA, 12/12