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Now adopted into Head's "Classic" Line, the Head Liquidmetal 170 is a long time player favorite. Best suited for players with a fast and powerful swing, the 170 is extremely maneuverable all the while maintaining a surprising level of control and playability.

This racquet does not come with a cover

Head Size: 106 sq. in. / 684 sq. cm.
Length: 22 inches / 56 cm
Unstrung Weight: 170g / 6oz
Strung Weight: 185g / 6.5oz
Balance: 11.5in. 4 pts Head Heavy
Swingweight: 139
Factory String: Head Synthetic Gut 16 @ 31 lbs
Beam Width: 21
Composition: Liquidmetal
Grip Type: HydroSorb
String Pattern:
16 Mains / 16 Crosses
Mains skip: 6H,8H,10H,11H
Two Piece
No shared holes
String Tension: 28-34 pounds

Comments: After coming out of retirement (Old sponsor was TRS with the Bad Influence) I tried an E Force and a Gearbox settling on Head as I need a quick manuvering racquet as I play doubles now mainly. Also my speed is slower due to age and weight but I can rekill and maintain center court better with this 170g racquet.
From: Mike, Port Orange, FL, USA, 03/12
Skill-level:Retired Open Senior
String type and tension: Black Head Megablast 17ga. at 36lbs.

Comments: Lets start this by saying I own and use the Gearbox GB250 and Solid 1.0 at 170g. I also use the Head Problem Child 165g. This racquet has a little less feel than the Problem Child, but I have massive power with it, and I am rolling out 37' setups like crazy. It doesn't twist in your hand like the quadraform frames, and equalizing power return on off-center hits are extremely forgiving.

From: Mike, Bellevue, WA, USA, 03/12
Skill-level: A
String type and tension: ProKennex Liquid 17 @ 33lbs

Comments:  I started playing racquetball in June of 2010 after a 22 year hiatus and I am amazed at the power and control of the Head liquidmetal series. I chose the Head liquidmetal series after doing research on the different racquets available, and wanted to get the most for my money. I think without a doubt, I made the right choice. I also purchased a stringer and I believe that the main strings will always have movement because you have to pull 2 at the same time,(1 directly and the other through the power channel). I believe this will result in a lowering of tension as the racquet is used and the main strings tension "equalizes" across the hitting zone. I am currently experimenting with strings and tensions. I highly recommend the Head liquidmetal series. I do not think you can get a better racquet for the money.
From: Lew, Glendale, AZ, USA, 05/11
String type and tension:Factory

Comments: I bought This 04' beauty after it beat out the Blackjack & just edged out the Problem Child for me due to arm pain after back to back games. Demo list it!
From: Alex, Lompoton, CA, USA, 08/10
String type and tension:Factory

Comments: I purchased this racquet 6 months ago and started playing with it right away. It is light and good for wrist flicks when other racquets are too heavy. The strings seem to slide around too much and I am always straightening them out. I was annoyed with this and had it re-strung thinking it was strung poorly at first. The new strings had the same problem as the old ones with the same annoying problem of slipping out of place. I had to put this racquet away until I can figure how to fix this problem.
From: Rick Ortlund
City, State, Country:USA 06/10
Skill-level: A
String type and tension: Factory

Comments:  Excellent racquet for the price.  Great accuracy and good power. The strings have been great from the factory.  I have hit a racquet or two in doubles and a number of walls and have not even made a mark on the racquet.  I am very pleased and would recommend to anyone upgrading to a new racquet.
From: Chris
City, State, Country: Orlando, FL 04/10
Skill-level: C
String type and tension: Factory

Comments: I own a liquidmetal 170 and 190. I have owned many racquets, all different brands except e force. The 170 is my favorite, you cannot overpower it. For $100.00 you have a racquet that will work from the pure beginner all the way up to the pro level.
From: Ron
City, State, Country: Texas 02/10
Skill-level: B
String type and tension: 34 lbs w/ 16 gauge

Comments: This is an awesome racquet. I am probably a C player and have read several comments about string vibration, etc. I use a gamma worm and that reduces it considerably. Any experience of twisting that other people complain about is the fact that they are not hitting the sweet spot of the racquet. I noticed it the first few times I played with it, but over the past 9 months of using the racquet, no problems. I used to swing an Ektelon Vendetta and have since given it to my kid and ordered another Liquidmetal 170. This racquet is tough, I have chipped the paint only once after bashing it into the walls countless times. I can't imagine what some of these other clowns are doing to break the frames! I hit extremely hard and can drill it with it the best.

Anyway, great racquet, awesome power, light and good control. I cannot imagine using another racquet.
From: Donald
St Louis, MO 02/09

Comments: I started using this racquet about 2 months ago after having used the Intelligence I165 for about 6 years. I hit the ball hard and generate a lot of power with the I165. I generate even more power with the Liquidmetal 170 and have more control for pinch shots. My kill shots are lower to the ground and splat shots have improved. This is a great racquet!
From:Mike, Willoughby, OH, United States
Skill-level: A
String type and tension: Still OEM strings at about 30 pounds tension.

Comments: I am am 'A' player and have been playing for over 20 years 4 times a week. I started to use this racquet about 3 years ago. I am extremely hard on racquets and the only complaint about this racquet is that the frame breaks easily. Example: last night be and my partner where playing doubles and we both swung at a ball and his racquet hit mine and cracked the frame. Also when you have it re-strung don't exceed the 30 lbs of pressure on the strings or you will crack the frame due to over pressure on the frame. I have been through about 5 of these within the 3 year span. Other that this i love this racquet and i will be buying another one soon.....My backup is the Intelligence 165(another good racquet) and will have to resort to this one until i get a replacement.
From: Paul, Apopka, FL. 2/09
String type and tension: 30

Comments: I have only played competitively since college. I broke my Megablast 185 in an NCAA tournament and our club president loaned me this one...HOLY CRAP! There was a big difference in "sweet spot" from the Megablast, so vibration was an issue early on. (Definitely a 170g is a bit light for me, so I am upgrading to the 180g.) Once I got the hang of this racquet though, I could hammer the ball! The metal in this racquet is something I studied at Ohio State Univ., so just trust everyone when we say the power jump from other racquets is real!
From: Adam
City, State, Country: Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Skill-level: B/C
String type and tension: OEM specs

Comments: Brilliant racquet, I had to get a replacement after breaking my Intelligence 165 in half and this was next in line. If you want an amazing racquet at a good price get this racquet.
From: Andrew
St. Louis, MO 12/07

Comments: Great racquet, really no complaints at all! Hits solid with lots of power, looks good, good balance, low vibration (for me, some say this racquet has a lot of vibration). It is a little head heavy. This is good for power, but sometimes for touch and pinch shots I find I wish it was more head-light. Can't have everything though, and maybe I just need to work out more! A very, very, very good racquet, and definitely one of, if not the best racquet for the money. Hard to imagine a racquet that is much better than this.
From: Ryan, Kansas, USA, 08/07
Megablast 16, 35 lbs.

Comments: I picked up this racquet after 10 years off from playing. I picked the 170g to help me get my swing back. After playing with it for 2 years at the A/open level I developed the worse case of golfers elbow (inside the elbow) and shoulder and neck pain. I seem to be too strong for this racquet as it twists out of my hand a lot. I loved it at first but now feel like I out grew it. I've switched to 185g/190g racquets and no arm pain. If you're a hard hitter I wouldn't recommend this racquet as it will cause arm pain. I feel it is just too light.
From: Rich
Boston, MA 03/07

Comments: bought this racquet new from RB warehouse in hopes of obtaining a more durable racquet with less weight. As this racquet supposedly weighs 170 grams. I was upgrading from a TI 175. I love the power this racquet provides and I have no doubt that it would provide excellent control after I have gotten used to it. However, there is no way that this racquet weighs less than my TI 175. Since I have started using the Liquid Metal 170, I have developed the worst case of tennis elbow and pain in my shoulder I have ever had. In the six years I have played this has only happened when I have picked up a heavier racquet. I am really disappointed as this is the only reason I decided on buying this new racquet in which the other reviews were so good, although none mentioned the weight of the racquet.
From: Josh (EIU Racquetball Club President)
Charleston IL, USA 01/07
String type and tension: Factory gut and tension.

Comments: I'm an A player who is a habitual racquet breaker [I break most new racquets within 3 months]. I'm also a racquet stringer. Over the past two years I've tried every top-of-the-line 170/175 weight racquet on the market except Wilson [I personally don't like Wilson's string pattern] and E-force's dual-cylinder [I tried their Supermains model instead]. True to form, all brand racquets broke within 3 months, except Head Liquidmetal - I've been using my two liquidmetal racquets for nearly ONE FULL YEAR without breaking them, and both have taken tremendous abuse. Surprisingly, I haven't even needed to replace the seemingly thin bumper guard. Playability is very predictable. It doesn't have dazzling power, but has a good balance of control and power that helps my touch and control game. I can string the Liquidmetal racquet faster than any other racquet on the market. It can easily be strung with only two tie-offs. Stringing can be tricky if the stringing machine isn't clamped properly to clearly expose the string channels in the throat...I've cut custom leather strips to move my Klipper clamp post all the way to the very throat of the racquet without the clamps damaging the paint when securing them. String type and tension: Ashway Superkill 17g, 30lbs
From:Matt, River Falls, WI, USA

Comments: I used the E-force 170 Bedlam light for two years . I thought it was the best racquet made, bar none. Then I broke my strings at a tournament in Stockton, and i had no back up... A friend of mine loaned me a head liquid metal 170 and to this day i have never given it back ,now i own three.. two for me and one for my son. Thank you Head for giving us the best racquet ever made..
From:Mitch Forrest, Turlock ca usa.
String type and tension: Head Megablast 16g. 40 pounds...great power/control

Comments:I've been playing rball for ~20yrs. During those years I have tried my fair share of racquets. This is by far the best racquet I have owned. Power is great and so is the control. I was afraid about its durability (as the frame looks thin compared to my previous racquets), but it has been rock solid and taken my abuse without any problems (I play about 3 times a week). I like the original strings (megablast 16). As prices go down (new line rolling out), I'll stack up on a few of these... just in case.
From: Alex, Dallas, Texas

Comments: I have been using the Head Liquidmetal 170 for about 8 months now and it’s perfect. Great power and control. With the right type of worm you have little to no vibration. I recommend changing the factory grip to a python. In string I’ve tried Tecnifiber 17g and I wasn't very impressed by it, I now switched to Head’s Intellistring 16g and its just right for me.

Comments: There is nothing better than this stick out on the market. I have played with all kinds of sticks and this is by far the best. And talk about power, this thing hits the ball a ton. It has added about 10-20 mph on my hits. Great weapon to have in the bag. Go out and get one.
From: Jesus Ocana, La Mirada, CA, USA. 3/05

Comments: WOW! I have been using the Ektelon More Dominant for the last year or so, and the Head Liquid 170 blows it out of the water! I am finding myself placing the shots consistently lower and more accurately and powerful than with my older stick. I really can tell the improvements over what I was using. It is easy to maneuver, light enough to use for multiple games, but yet powerful enough to hit those hard to return kills. I would love to see what this racquet can do with some 17g string on it! Do your self a favor and at least Demo, if not buy, this racquet. I promise you wont be disappointed!
From: Ryan, Twin Cities, MN, USA. 9/04
String type and tension: Stock

Comments: The Liquid Metal series is Heads biggest innovation since the TI 175. Head has gone and combined their Megablast technology with Liquid Metal. What this means is a super stiff frame with great torsional stability. Ultimately, this translates into a powerful racquet with next to zero vibration. The Liquid Metal 170 offers an amazing amount of control with even more power than last years Megablast 175. This weight is geared towards players that have a fast compact swing. Typically, lighter racquets have been the culprit in producing arm problems for some players; however, this 170 weight is very arm friendly. Also, Head has gone and beefed up the frame at the 11 and 1 o'clock position, as well as the throat of the frame. This will offer all you wall bangers more protection from breakage. I recommend changing out the factory string for a 17g Tecnifibre, and changing the synthetic wrap grip to a Python at your time of purchase.
From: Dave, Los Gatos, CA., Megablast 16g @ 32lbs.