HEAD MegaSorb Vibration Dampener
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The HEAD MegaSorb Vibration Dampener helps to prevent the transfer of harmful vibrations upon ball impact without sacrificing feel. Installs along the bottom cross string of your racquet and is held securely in place by the main strings.

  • Package includes 2 dampeners

Comments: These are inexpensive, yet very effective and durable dampers. Install them by pushing the ends under a string intersection, and leave it with a little slack. I have this on my Head Great White and Prokennex FCB 175 and it has removed the stock vibration/twang feel and noise.
From: Anonymous, 12/14
Skill-level: B 

Comments: It's amazing this simple dampener is the best one on the market. It completely reduces vibration and works better than all the other dampeners out there. I like to have one red one for one racquet and a black one for the other racquet so I know which racquet I am playing with. So make sure you order the right color. It would be neat to have a blue and a white one also if they made it other colors.
From: Troy B., Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada, 08/14
Skill-level: Open

Comments: better than the Smartsorb, these don't have the plastic hooks that can crack on impact.  Good performance, just about 0% vibration.  Definitely recommend.
From: DB, NY, NY, USA, 07/14
Skill-level: Intermediate 

Comments: Contrary to what it states, these are NOT easy to install. But once in place, they will stay put and not pop off like regular dampeners.
From: John, CA, USA 07/10
Skill-level: 3.5