Pro-Tec Hinged Knee Brace
The Pro-Tec Hinged Knee Brace offers the ultimate protection for the knee. Component parts in brace allows for full range of motion without compromising stability and support.
  • Flexible straps that will not bind or "dig" into skin
  • Dual axis hinges for medial and lateral stability
  • Dual axis hinges - for extra strength to help prevent hyper-extension and provide stability
  • Popliteal opening to prevent discomfort behind knee
  • Sizes: Medium (up to 19") and XLarge (12"-23")

Comments: Awesome knee brace, does what its supposed to do. It's kind of heavy due to the metal rods on the sides and restricts much movement on the knee so don't expect to wear this and run from sideline to sideline like nadal but still serves its purpose.
From: Anon, 2/12