Head Smartsorb Vibration Dampener
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Reputed to feature maximum string dampening! Makes ball contact feel more comfortable. Easy to install. One dampener per package.

Comments: Probably one of the reasons I feel this is the best dampener is its ability to be used several ways. For maximum absorption, snake the band through all the strings before securing it. If you don't wish to mute the vibrations so much, simply skip a string or two when weaving it through them. I've used these for four years and never had one fail. I also wonder how you can hit the black plastic ends of it when they're both within a half inch of the frame?
From: Anonymous, 3/16

Comments: It is awesome! Works really well, because once I had a victor dampener, which was kind of a snake dampener, but it didnt work -- the strings had the same sensation with and without that dampener. A few months ago I got this head smart sorb dampener, and I love it as do several of my colleagues.
From: Dru, 1/15

Comments: Breaks very easily.
From: Bob, 6/14

Comments: I'm a 4.5 rated ex-competitive player. Played the regional circuit for 20+ years. Although I don't play with as much pace as before, I use a lot of spin. I play with a Head Radical and Luxilon strings. These shock absorbers are excellent. Nothing lasts forever. They are a good value, mine don't last very long but I just replace them.
From: Simon, 12/13

Comments: I am a high school varsity player, and these have been my go-to shock for all my seasons. Over three years, I break about 1 each season. I highly recommend using these.
From: Jared, 7/13

Comments: Best dampener I have used. Very effective on reducing the "twang sound" and vibration on my Head Extreme MP that I have outfitted with RPM Blast (which is not so forgiving). The dampener really eases vibration and noise from the stiff poly strings.
From: David, 6/13

Comments: This is the best dampener I've ever used and it doesn't pop off. I put it to the second to last end strings so it doesn't over stretch, and they have never broke. I can still feel all the feedback from my strings (I have to feel and hear my strings to make my shots) but takes that annoying high pitch ping off your strings.
From: Laurie, 9/12

Comments: I have had mine for 2 years and I haven't had it break yet. This works very well and I would recommend it.
From: Tyler, 9/11

Comments: I have been using this for 2 years on my rackets and it works very well. In 2 years I only had one break at that was after almost a year. Not sure why others are experiencing so much breakage. Maybe they are overstretching it.
From: Allison, 03/11

Comments: The dampening capability works very well - Period. However, it does break regularly as most people note. For me, it last anywhere between 3-5 matches on average. I am willing to deal with it and pay the extra needed to replace, because it really does work well. But if cost is a factor and you do not want to routinely replace, this may not be for you.
From: Anon, 11/10

Comments: Be prepared to lose all the feel of your racquet with this dampener.
From: Mauricio, Montreal, QC, Canada, 07/10

Comments: This is a great dampener, it absorbs very well. BUT, you better hit the ball on the sweet spot, because if you hit the dampener, the plastic extremities might just break. It lasts but if you stretch it too much, the rubber will tend to divide with time.
From: A. Rojas, Puerto Rico 09/09

Comments: Overall, it was mediocre. I had it for about a month and during practice it just snapped, but thankfully didn't break my strings.
From: Jackie, CT, USA. 04/09

Comments: Worst dampener I have ever used. It only lasted me about 4 hours and when it broke it damaged my strings. I definitely don't recommend this product.
From: Dion, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. 3/09

Comments: Do NOT BUY this dampener if you plan on it lasting more than a match - two at the most. The players who claim to have it weeks or months before it snaps/breaks must not hit the ball very hard. It lasted less than one hour. For $3 plus tax and shipping, that's too cheap/weak to be of any use. As many others have stated: the design is TERRIBLE because it fails/breaks where the plastic hooks meet the rubber/plastic "worm" part. *If it matters: for the hour it lasted, it did make the vibration disappear though ... along with a tiny bit of power as well.
From: Tara, Hahira, GA, USA, 02/09

Comments: It works great! It seems my elbow problem is gone.
From: Sandip, Rochester, NY, USA, 12/08

Comments: The dampener is awesome, although I would eventually snap, but for me, it took several months to snap. The dampener takes all the shock out of my hard hits. I recommend this dampener.
From: Matt, Castro Valley, CA, USA, 07/08

Comments: Great, dampens very effectively, but I do feel it takes some power. Overall, dampens more effectively than smaller dampeners.
From: Anon. 7/08

Comments: I use the head intelligence i.s12 racket and this vibrasorb came with it, it was very effective and unlike others, it seems, it lasted about a year when it finally snapped. After that my I asked my coach for a dampener and all he had was the gamma no shock (I think that's what it is called) and compared to the smartsorb that thing was a piece. I have also used other vibes that I got from a local sports store but by far this one worked the best.
From: Josh, Villas, NJ, USA, 04/07

Comments: This is a great dampener, I had one on for about four months and it just broke the other day, plan on purchasing some more. Great dampener head!!
From: Drew, Macon, GA, USA. 12/06

Comments:This is a really good dampener but it breaks easily if the ball hits the plastic end. If you do a lot of volley play you might be buying a lot of replacements. Another vote for the Sampras "O" dampner.
From: Bob, West Palm Beach, FL, 10/06

Comments: Great job Head! This thing works. It neutralizes the vibration and it stays on. I've been using these for two years and never once has it fallen off.
From: Mitch, Rexburg, ID, USA. 10/06

Comments: Very powerful damping strength. I play with 3 guys from the High School Varsity team who all use these. The damping is very strong as well as a very small decrease in power (it seems), and they last about 5-6 months. Very highly recommended.
From: Anonymous

Comments: This is one really awesome dampener. When I put it on, everything just went smooth and silent. I have no trouble putting this on, I personally prefer running worm-type dampeners through the strings over the button clip-on dampeners as the worm-type ones stay on much longer and works much better. as for the previous posts regarding it breaking off easily - it doesn't, if you read the text in the back, it says it should only dampen 8 strings maximum (2 extra strings to clip it on to), so don't try to stretch it more than that, it should clip onto the 5th pair of strings (10 strings in total). It works great like this because it doesn't feel too tight and puts unnecessary tension onto the strings/dampener.
From: Jerry, Canada 08/06

Comments: Had severe elbow problems started from a trigger finger, was compensating which screwed up my arm. My new Head fire racquet was stiff which could also have added to my misery. I took off the Head dampener I got with the racquet and replaced it with this one. It was like night and day, I can't believe the folks that say these things don't work. My arm feels better, has less shock when contact with ball, I can play longer, I love it. Try it, you'll like it.
From: Gloria, Doylestown, PA

Comments: A solid dampener. Just don't overstretch it when you install it.
From: Marc, Ottawa, ON Canada 10/05


Great dampener, besides the fact that I went through three in three days. They all snap by the plastic hooks on the end. I am a hard hitter. If it was durable at all I would use it forever.
From:Bryan, Minneapolis, MN, USA

Comments: I just started playing tennis a few months ago. I have already learned that I don't like shock/vibration. This dampener DOESN'T do anything, you might as well not even have it on your racquet. My friend purchased the Gamma shockbuster and I am planning on buying one for my Head.
From: Joe Cazador, Santa Maria, CA, USA. 07/05

Comments: I play third singles for my high school, and I feel that the Head vibration dampener is great, but like the other people, it broke with only a few uses. It would be perfect if it were more durable.
From: Jim, NJ, USA 07/05

Comments: Provided a lot of shock absorption but after only 4hrs of play time this thing snapped at the hooks. Not worth it if it only last that long.
From: Charles, Seattle, WA, US 06/05

Comments: Best vibration dampener I've ever used, and I tried hundreds.
From: Cam, Boston, Ma. USA 06/05

Comments: The best I every used and wears very well. I live in 100 degree weather in the summer. I have had mine for the past two years. It's great. Stick with something that does work.
From: Margaret, Bakersfield , CA, USA. 01/05

Comments: This is probably the best absorber there is on the market. I am a hard hitter and it hasn't broken yet (after 2 months of an average amount of play) A good absorber (HEAD) with a good racquet (HEAD) = good!
From: Ryan, Rochester, NY, USA. 5/04

Comments: Personally, I don't think the vibration dampener makes much of a difference at all, the cheapest one you can grab off the shelf is just as good as the next. However, I have two problems with this, and similar types, of vibration dampeners. 1. I have found that the larger the dampener is the more power it seems to take away. I had one of these that goes across pretty much the entire width at the throat, and I felt like I had to really swing all out to get any pace. (Perhaps it is just an illusion due to the fact that along with vibration, it takes away feel.) 2. They break. They are made (apparently not) to be stretched across the strings at the bottom and in order to get it so that it wasn't loose, I had it pulled so tight that after about 1 week the thing just snapped right off the little clip. I recommend the Pete Sampras "O" dampeners. They do the job, they're relatively cheap, and besides, they look cool on my rackets! Go with the O.
From: Damon, Lansing, MI, USA. 7/03

Comments: I have used the Gamma Shockbuster and the Wilson Classic vibration dampeners, but I have to say that the SmartSorb is the best I have played with. I play 3rd singles on my High School varsity team and I broke the dampener within 2 days of playing, but other than that it reduces vibrations very well. To make it last longer I don't stretch the dampener at all. I loop it through and whatever string it fits closest to that is the one I attach it to. I tried to fit it around 12 strings and it broke so now I only put it across 11 strings.
From: Danny, Hoboken, NJ, USA. 4/03

Comments: The Head Smartsorb dampener works. Contrary to the packaging, this thing is NOT easy to put on. Plus, if you stretch it out too much or unevenly, it will cause the material to fail. But this happens only after a long time, maybe a month or two depending on how much you play.
From: Jack, Atlanta, GA. USA 1/03

Comments: Head Smartsorb Vibration Dampener works to help dampen vibration. It seemed to help my control too.
From: José Ma. Cantú, Villahermosa, Tabasco, México 10/02

Comments: The Head Smartsorb Vibration Dampener does by far the best job of any dampener I have ever used. They usually last me a few months before they snap at the ends, but it's well worth it.
From: Rufus, Huntingdon Valley, PA. USA 8/02

Comments: The Head Smartsorb Vibration Dampener is extremely effective. You may want to have a few extra dampeners for hard hitting "play" if you will, but it is overall very effective. I will buy more, many more.
From: Tom, Springfield, CT. USA 7/02

Comments: No problems with the Smartsorb Vibration Dampener so far. It seems that the best combination is with Head's standard single rubber dampener and then place the Smartsorb just above it. Mine has lasted for 6 mos of play/2-3x per week without problems. Good dampening qualities with the occasional need for re-adjustment during play or with re-stringing. I'll probably get a few more for my other racquets.
From: Greg, Shreveport, LA. USA 4/02

Comments: My dampener also broke but was after a month because I am not a hard hitter. It worked very well though. I can't find a dampener that worked as good so I will buy more.
From: Matt, Chippewa Falls, WI. USA 8/01

Comments: I tried to use this head vibration dampener, and it was really good while it lasted. However the major problem is that you will have to replace it with a new dampener after about two or three matches. This is because the sides where it latches on to the string will break easily and quickly. If you use this, make sure you have a few in your bag to spare during a hard hitting match, because they do not hold up well.
From: Justin, Clemson, SC. USA 6/01