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New for 2011 the M550 :II 3D improves on the best selling M550 with an improved 3D toe box for the best fit available in court shoes. These shoes offer unparalleled support, stability, grip and now FIT.
  • 3D Toe Box
  • Lightweight PU upper with mesh paneling for increased breathability
  • V-Lite midsole
  • Peak Force Gum Rubber Outsole
  • Internal torsion bar
  • Gusseted 'stay straight' air mesh tongue
  • Locking lace eyelets
  • Fit: Standard width and length.
  • Sizes: 7 - 14
  • Color scheme: Black / Red / Silver
  • Weight: 15.5 ounces (size 10.5)

Comments: Awesome shoes. Zero break-in time. Lightweight, great lateral support.  When wearing these you don't have to think about your shoes during a match.  Problem is the durability.  Outside toe on both shoes comes apart at the seams.  With each new model I'm told the problem has been fixed, but it continues.  Makes me sad.  Good news is rbw has been great in handling the issue.  

From: Marc, Long Beach, CA, USA. 04/12

Skill-level: A


Comments: The shoes are wonderful, at one time I had 4 pairs that I used in rotation.
The only draw back is the inserts are known to wear out SUPER fast..I would average showing excessive wear in about 30 days playing 3-4 times a week
When it got to the point where I only had 1 pair of usable inserts I contacted Hi-tec and asked if they could help me....They were going to send me 1 replacement pair of inserts for free until they saw I lived in Hawaii, at that point it was up to me to pay shipping because and I quote "Hawaii isn't part of the US so it costs them just as if they were sending products to another country".
I finally was able to talk to someone who knew Hawaii was an actaul US state and they assured me that they would send the inserts out ASAP....well 10 months later still nothing.
From: Tom, HI, USA, 03/11