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You'll be feeling like the Amazing Spider-Man in the 2012 Head Web Glove. The digitized, silicon web palm on this glove gives it some serious grip while still allowing you to switch comfortably between the forehand and backhand sides. The mesh allows for maximum breathability and combined with the COOLTECH spandex backing, makes for an extremely light-weight, comfortable glove.

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  • Glove fits snug, if you're between sizes, go up one size
  • High performance COOLTECH spandex to help keep your hand cool
  • Microfiber COOLMESH for maximum breathability
  • Silicon web pattern on palm for ultimate grip and durability
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Comments: I have purchased 2 of the new design glov. One ripped near the thumb the 1st week. The second one slips when I swet after a couple of games. GO BACK TO THE OLD DESIGN !! Until you do I will be purchasing from another Mfg.
From: Anonymous, 01/15

Comments: Loved the old one. Hate the new one. Everyone I've talked to feels the same way. 
From: Ron, Stuart, FL, USA, 10/14
Skill-level: C 

Comments: Please please please! Bring back the old version! This new Web glove is not half the glove the old one was. Has anyone found a glove that plays close to the old one???? I'm playing with my thumb sticking out and my Palm is worn though. Funny,  it still plays better then the new design! Come on Head listen to the customer's! 
From: Mick, Ogden, UT, USA, 09/14
Skill-level: 4.5 

Comments: I agree with other comments - this glove is of no good. Bring back the older model. After about a game it's like wearing a ice glove. Total slippage! I'll be at other racquetball websites looking for the other model.
From: Ron, Fairfax, VA, USA, 07/14
Skill-level: A+ 

Comments: This glove is horrible! Worse than the leather ones. The racquet slips in my hand after about half a game. Why did you discontinue the old one? It was perfect and you changed it to one that doesn't do the job. Bring back the old web!!! I will not buy the new one or any Head for that matter until this is resolved. Why change something if it works perfectly? I bought the old ones 2 at a time I loved them so much and was in fear you would do something like this!!!!
From: Aileen R., Staten Island, NY, USA, 05/14
Skill-level: Advanced Intermediate 

Comments: This glove split on my index finger first day on the court.  The grip was great, but I need my gloves to last a little longer.
From: Wally, Greenville, SC, USA, 03/14
Skill-level: C 

Comments: To Head - why did you change the design? Loved the previous glove but this new one is no improvement. Bring back the old one!
From: Rick, Alamosa, CO, USA, 02/14
Skill-level: B 

Comments: this glove is seriously the worst glove i've ever used, it doesn't keep grip at all. The rubber webs rubbed off after playing for two hours. Its horrible. Im very disappointed that head actually allowed this glove to be sold
From: Michael, Charlotte, N.C., USA, 01/14
Skill-level: B 

Comments: Palm ripped out after 3 weeks.  Great glove, just doesn't last.
From: Kat, Chehalis, WA, USA, 01/14

Comments: Please bring back the other Head [Web] glove that you just discontinued.  I loved that glove!
From: Betty B., The Villages, PA, USA, 08/13
Skill-level: Mens A 

Comments: This glove is by far the worse glove I have ever used. I can hardly get through a game with this glove. The glove does not wick your sweat away. The rubberized grip does not work. I am very disappointed with this product. Head needs to go back to the drawing board with this design.  
From: Mark, Mooresville, NC, USA,06/13
Skill-level: B

Comments: This new Head Web glove is terrible bring back the old one.  The new one breaks down after a month of playing. The string of webs do not last or hold. Big mistake.
From: Terry, Mill Valley, CA, USA, 02/13
Skill-level: B

Comments: Grips good, and is very light. However loses color and has no protection for your fingers whatsoever, if you're one of those diving players.
From: Venkatesh, Louisville, KY, USA, 10/12
Skill-level: B/C

Comments: Surprisingly awesome. Unlike the leather grips it doesn't absorb sweat, played 8 games tonight, never needed to switch gloves. Grip was just right, not too tacky, not too slick. Never expected this performance from a non-leather glove. Recommend - especially for the price.
From: Fletch, Orange County, CA, USA, 10/12