Parallel Jaw Pliers
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Sturdy parallel jaw pliers stringers tool. Useful for tightening knots and pre-stretching strings. Excellent quality tool.
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Comments: These don't work with any type of poly strings. When being gentle, they do not tie a tight enough knot since poly strings are stiff. But when trying to tighten a little more then gentle, they will break the string instantly. I've almost injured myself a few times from string breaking.
From: Tim, WA, USA, 04/09

Comments: This set of pliers grips the string extremely well. At times, especially on softer strings, or on softer co-poly's, the string will get damaged and or snap at the point of gripping. I would suggest gripping the string on the first pull of a knot further away, so you have slack to loop the next string, just in case. It'd be a near perfect product if the jaws were slightly more gentle, and if they were spring loaded.
From: Johnny, Vancouver, WA, USA. 4/07