Ektelon 2014 Maxtack Premium Racquetball Gloves

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The Ektelon Maxtack Premium glove features an embossed digital palm pattern and Friktion polymer treatment providing the ultimate non-slip surface. Four-way stretch Lycra backing material with Neoprene padding keep your hand dry and protected.

  • Leather: Kangaroo skin
  • Tackified palm for ultimate grip
  • Neoprene dive padding
  • Velcro wrist closure

Comments: Amen! Amen! and Amen!  The original, more gray version of the MaxTacks was WONDERFUL--the best glove I have had in 30 plus years of playing--great grip, incredibly durable and had NO issues with dye leaking onto my hand etc... .  This new version is Garbage!  Not nearly as tacky--not nearly as much grip--and after every match my right hand comes out completely black as the dye leaches out!  Don't know what the thought process was here, but I'm looking for a new glove!
From: Todd, Greencastle, PA, USA, 01/16
Skill-level: A 

Comments: I loved the older version of the Maxtack glove. I used it for years, loved the tackiness and durability. This new version of the Maxtack uses a different leather, kangaroo leather, which feels much softer.  It is not as tacky as the original nor does it feel as durable. After one game I noticed the palm of the glove had already developed an indention from the bottom of the racket. The glove also seemed to be larger than the older version.  I also dislike the black color of these glove.  The old version had a dark grey palm which did not leave black staining on my grips nor did it leave my hand black after play.  I'm very particular about my gloves, and I really enjoyed the old Maxtacks.  These new Maxtacks are not as good as the older version IMHO. 
From: Todd, 03/15
Skill-level: Open