McDavid Lightweight Laced Ankle Brace No Strap
The Lightweight Ankle Brace works well for recovering ankle sprains for preventative measure. It offers a high level of protection. A full lace up allows the user to cinch where needed, to offer a more secure fit. Easy to use and non-cumbersome.
  • Extra Small = shoe size: Mens 6-7, Womens 7-8
  • Small = shoe size: Mens 8-9, Womens 9-10
  • Medium = shoe size: Mens 9-11, Womens 10-12
  • Large = shoe size: Mens 11-13, Womens 12-14
  • Extra Large = shoe size: Mens 14+, Womens 15+
  • Fits right or left ankle
  • Available colors: Black, White

Comments: This ankle brace is awesome. I have had trouble with my right ankle for two years but since using this brace my ankle has felt much better. I feel more stable on the court and am more confident to change directions suddenly. The lacing up is a bit tedious but well worth the effort. I found that I feel more comfortable wearing a brace on each ankle as the one without the brace felt like it was taking more pressure. I'd recommend this brace to anyone with ankle weakness or pain.
From: Liesl, 2/14