McDavid Ultralight Laced Ankle Brace with Strap
Popular with high performance athletes seeking lightweight ankle support, the Ultralight Ankle Brace with Straps offers the same support principles as taping. It uses laces to start, then adds more support with the "figure 6" straps. The configuration of these straps best simulates a professional taping technique for high quality support while saving time and money over extended use versus taping.
  • Extra Small = shoe size: Mens 6-7, Womens 7-8
  • Small = shoe size: Mens 8-9, Womens 9-10
  • Medium = shoe size: Mens 9-11, Womens 10-12
  • Large = shoe size: Mens 11-13, Womens 12-14
  • Extra Large = shoe size: Mens 14+, Womens 15+
  • Fits right or left ankle
  • Colors Available: Black, White

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