HEAD Meanstreak 175 Racquet
+ Demo Racquet

This is a revolutionary year for HEAD Racquetball in both looks and technology. The HEAD Meanstreak 175 Racquet features HEAD's Corrugated Technology in the throat increasing stiffness by 12% over other conventional racquets, drastically increasing power. These racquets will play less stiff than the AMP racquets and more stiff than the Extreme. At 175 grams unstrung the HEAD Meanstreak is a very powerful racquet ideal for the intermediate to advanced power player.

All racquets come factory strung with a wrist cord installed. Click the Specs tab for more details.

Unstrung Weight: 175g*
Strung Weight: 195g
Strung Balance: 6 pts Head-Heavy
Strung Swingweight: 161 kg x cm² (high dynamic inertia = power)
Factory String: HEAD MegaBlast 16 Black
Factory Grip: HEAD HydroSorb Wrap Grip Black
Cover: Not included by manufacturer
String Pattern:
String Pattern:
16 Mains / 16 Crosses
Mains skip: 8H
Two Piece
Shared Holes: 5H,6H,7H,9H
Head Size: 106 sq. in.
Racquet Length: 22 in.
Composition: Graphite

*Unstrung weight is part of the name given to this racquet by the manufacturer; all other specs are measured by Racquetball Warehouse USRSA Master Racquet Technicians on a Babolat Racquet Diagnostic Center machine. String never weighs more than 25 grams, so if there is more than a 25 gram variance between Unstrung Weight and Strung Weight then the manufacturer most likely measured the Unstrung Weight of the raw graphite frame (i.e. without grip, grommets, or paint). In addition, due to the porous nature of graphite material, manufacturers approve of a +/- 10 gram variance during the manufacturing process.

Comments: Demoing raquet for the first time.  The explosion off the raquet in the sweet spot is unbelievable.  Going to purchase after my week long demo.  Intermediate player, 6 days a week, takes the abuse and keeps giving!
From: Brett, Grand Terrace, CA, USA, 11/16
Skill-level: Intermediate
String type and tension: Factory 

Comments: I love my Meanstreaks!  I've tried several brands/models, but, keep coming back to this one.
From: Derek, Rolla, MO, USA, 06/15
Skill-level: A 

Comments: Used E-Force for years and years.  I was using the bedlam 150/160.  I just loved them.  Only problem is they would break all the time.  I demoed the MS and to my surprised I loved it right away.  Even going from a 150 to a 170 was not a problem.  This racquet has tons of power and control and the grip is nice.  Price is about as good as it gets and this racquet will take a beating and still look brand new!  I hit the wall with it so hard that my E-Force would have folded up, but this racquet did not even show the slightest scratch.  The only problem with this racquet is vibration.  More vibration then should be physically possible.  I was however able to solve the problem using two low placed dampers.  Trick is to make sure the two center main lines are dampperd out.  Just having two dampers did not fix the problem, but having them low and in the right place did.  You might need to keep tweaking it till the dampers are correct.  I love this racquet and I am very very pleased.
From: Nabil, LS, MO, USA, 01/15
Skill-level: A 

Comments: I loved the pop this racket gave me. However, the frame broke just after the warranty was up.
From: Aaron, Henderson, NV, USA, 09/14
Skill-level: B
String type and tension: upgrade suggested by RbW 

Comments: Best racquet hands down!!
From:  Cody, Topeka, KS, USA, 08/13
Skill-level: open
String type and tension:  16 @ 34 lbs

Comments: I just bought this after demoing about 10 other racquets, including the Head Problem Child, Tap Out, and Full House. For me this racquet was as good as any of them. After playing a few games with it I love the easy power that this racquet generates. It seems to be really easy on the arm. It is probably more string tension than the racquet, but for me I wasn't finding the soft touch yet, but I feel that is probably a little tension and some just getting used to the racquet. For me this racquet has the perfect balance that works for me.
From: Adam, San Diego, CA, USA, 01/12
Skill-level: B
String type and tension: factory

Comments: Excellent racket with a TON of power.  Has awesome control if you know what you are doing because of the weight of the racket, it seemed to really wear on my shoulder and fatigue my arm at the end of a long tournament day, though. Played tournament with the Problem Child...which also hits hard...though with more effort than this racket.  The pro to the Problem Child is it did not wear on my arm/shoulder at the end of a long day of tourney play. In summary...for me...great racket, but designed for the more experienced player.  The Problem Child is more for me. 
From: Jerry, Valparaiso, IN, USA, 01/11
Skill-level: B 
String type and tension: Pro Kennex Liquid 17 @ 34lbs

Comments: Love/Hate relationship with this moody racquet. It hits hard, and can put the ball past the opponent for me, but at the end of a day, it wears out my shoulder.  Other racquets (Ektelon and Wilson) have bothered my elbow, but this one is hard on the shoulder for me.  I bought the Problem Child, it was easier on my shoulder, no issues there, but that was a bit too light for me and I didn't care for that one, either.  I am glad I didn't buy the Meanstreak, was able to demo it.  Wish I would have demo'd the Problem Child, as that would have saved me a bucket full of cash!  At first, I loved the PC after I bought it, but it just didn't feel right for me, after playing with it for awhile.  Going back to E-Force. Never a problem with elbows or shoulders for me, while playing with E-Force racquets. 
From: Jeff, Sioux Falls, SD, USA, 01/11
Skill-level: B/C

Comments: I demoed 7 racquets before finally choosing this one.  I liked it from the first swing.  Great power and control.  Well balanced for my style.  I even chose this one over the new Head Royal Flush. 
From: Theodore, SoCal, CA, USA, 08/10
Skill-level: C/D 
String type and tension: Factory (Head megablast 16 @ 35)

Comments:  A great all around racquet!  Good power and good feel up front.  I hit the best splat shots I have ever hit.  I currently play with the 03 white and I am considering the switch to the meanstreak.
From: TB, CA, USA, 03/10
Skill-level: A/B

Comments: I have been playing with Liquidmetal 170 for 2 years and had the chance to play with the meanstreak a couple times and it hits like cannon. I am not much of a touch player so it fits my game, can't wait to get one.
From: Anonymous, PA, USA, 03/10
String type and tension: factory

Comments: This site does it right if you are gonna spend the money to buy a stick, its nice to take it for a test drive first. I demoed both this racquet and the Problem Child along with many others. Both are great racquets to own , I went with this one for the fact it seemed to give me more consistency with less effort than the Problem Child. I used to be sponsered by Head and after a 20 year layoff they still make the best racquets with the most comfortable grips. Hit with them all you'll like what you get here!
From: Fresh, FL, USA, 12/09
Skill-level: A+
String type and tension: Factory is great

Comments: I demo'd the Meanstreak along with the GB 250 170g, the Prokennex KM, and the PK Quad 500. Of the four I felt this was the weakest racquet. One thing it didn't have but sorely needed was a vibration dampener. Don't purchase this stick without one. The two PK racquets didn't have dampeners either but didn't have the negative feedback of this racquet. The power and control were not on par with the other racquets either. I truly felt as if I was playing with a handicap using this stick. It might have been different with a dampener but without it I don't recommend this racquet. Nice graphics, though. I'll be sticking with my Ektelon Speedport though the GB 250 is a super nice racquet as well.
From: Lance, Lakewood, WA, USA

Comments: I love this stick. Was not a big fan of the AMP line last year, but love power to weight of this racquet.  I get the power without sacrificing the quickness I desire from a lighter racquet.  Highly recommend.
From:Mitch, Minneapolis, MN, USA, 10/09
Skill-level: A
String type and tension: Superkill 17

Comments: As an avid racquetball player Ive gone through alot of rackets, i have to say that the mean streak is the hardest hitting softest feeling racket ive had in my hands so far. the weight is perfect for any swing speed and the string tension is just enough to still have excellent ball controll. It swings like a 165 and hits like a 185 and i would recommend it to anyone at any skill level. This racket will allow you to hit shots you couldnt hit before.
Skill-level: B

Comments: I am extremely satisfied and pleased with the Meanstreak 175! I was playing with the Extreme 170 and the Meanstreak plays with much more power. It has superior stiffness and a lot less vibration. I love the kick ass graphics and designs on the Meanstreak racquet! With all of these Pros; the only Con I can think of is that the sweet spot might be a bit bigger on the Extreme 170. Overall, this is the best racquet that I have played with thus far and am pleased with my purchase!
From: Dan, Pasadena, TX, USA, 06/09
Skill-level: B+
String type and tension: Factory

Comments: I demo'd this racquet and wow. feels lighter than the problemchild and no vibration. Great swing speed and lob serves have to be adjusted. You have to ease off because ball responds so well off strings. Head has done it again.
From:Will, Ft. Worth, TX, USA
String type and tension: factory

Comments: This racquet is by far the best racquet ever out by Head. I hit both the Problem Child and this one and felt I had much more power and control with the 175. The Meanstreak swings like a 170g. Buy this racquet!
From:Brad, Shawnee, KS, USA
String type and tension: Factory