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If shoes were people, this one would be a superhero. The Mizuno Lightning Rx will definitely grab your attention with its agile design, practical functioning, and sleek styling. The shoe is very lightweight, perfect for the movers and shakers who like running down everything within diving range. The layered mesh upper, along with a supportive, abrasion-resistant rubber framework and other synthetic materials keeps your foot secure while making those aggressive cuts. A specially designed outsole gives this shoe plenty of stability and maximizes flexibility in the forefoot to help you explode off the first step. This shoe is loaded with Mizuno's revolutionary technology, including their Dynamotion grooves and Wave technology. So rack up your wins in this shoe and prove those wrong who say lightning never strikes twice.

  • Fit: Fit: Length fit is true to size. Width is medium, arch support is medium. No break-in required.
  • Upper: Tripple layered mesh for extreme breathability, abrasion resistent rubber, and synthetic leather.
  • Midsole: Enhanced AP midsole, shock absorbing compound in the forefoot, full-length ventilation system.
  • Outsole: Enhanced rubber, strategically designed groove to combat forefoot instability, and a suspension system for enhanced stability.
  • Weight: 11.5 oz's (Size 10.5)
  • Color: White/Black

Comments: So a couple weeks ago I decided to get some serious gear for my feet, and looking at the sweet attractive design of the lightening rx shoes, and awesome specs about it, I decided to give them a shot. There are some serious ups and very minor downs (at least in my opinion so far) to this shoe. Right out of the box these shoes are COMFY! The best in comfort I have gotten from any racquetball shoe. Weighing in at 11.5 ounces these puppies feel like you're walking on clouds while you are inside the court. Another thing is breath ability, the technology involved in the breathing of these shoes is phenomenal. When I first put them on and walked down my hallway, within 3 steps I felt air surrounding my feet as I walked, you can only imagine how great it would be when running and maneuvering on a court! The only complaint so far (and it isn't really a big one) is I have had some slight slipping on the court when changing direction, pushing off, lunging forward etc during some heated fast-paced rallies. Nothing that seriously hindered my abilities to track down and retrieve balls, but I was thinkin these shoes would be SOLID when pushing and grinding on the court, but again, it's not too big a deal, the shoes still provide great traction, and I am able to set my feet solid and kill balls great. The courts at my university are a little dusty and slick though, when I go to other sports and wellness's in town I'll have to see how these shoes hold up there. I've only played doubles so far in them since I got them at practice and haven't played a serious singles match or any tournaments in them yet. Overall the comfort, the weight, the design, everything is great. I give these shoes a 8/10.
From: Ken Albuquerque, NM, USA. 04/12
Skill-level: B+