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Add a little stability to your game with the Mizuno Spike 13. Designed with a combination of stability and maneuverability, these shoes are a great choice for any level Racquetball player. At 13.5 ounces they offer a perfect mix of performance and support, allowing for quick, sharp, cuts, while keeping your foot secure. Mizuno included their Wave technology to dissipate shock in your heel and increase rebound during intense rallies. The Spike 13 also maximizes breathability by including as much mesh in the upper as any shoe in their indoor court line. Light, stable, and breathable the Mizuno Spike 13 is sure to give you that extra boost to spike your opponent!

  • Fit: Length fits true to size; width is medium.
  • Arch Support: Medium, no break-in required.
  • Upper: Layered mesh and synthetic leather.
  • Midsole: VS-1 and SpEva midsole.
  • Outsole: Gum Rubber
  • Colors: White/Black/Gold
  • Weight: 13.5 oz (size 10.5)

Comments: A nice looking shoe, that I unfortunately did not like. The shoe felt extremely light weight and I barely noticed it on my feet, but there was a comfort issue. My bony ankles kept on rubbing the top of the shoe whenever I would move side to side. If the dip would have been lower or different, I would have bought these shoes, and would recommend them to someone who wouldn't have that problem. Instead, I went with Asics Gel Rocket 5 (no ankle problems).

From: Jesse, UW-Madison, USA, 09/12
Skill-level: Average

Comments: This is a solid pair of shoes that do not need

to be broken in. The sizing also fits very well (at least
for me at 10.5).
I don't find them to be particularly comfortable (it
could do with a bit more cushioning), but they offer good
construction and traction at a competitive price.
Aesthetically, they look just like their photo ... run-
of-the-mill athletic shoes. They're not all that stylish,
but they're also not outlandishly-styled.
From: Evan, Boston, MA, USA. 04/12
Skill-level: C


Comments: I've tried a lot of mid and low top shoes in the past, and I seem to always blow out the sides due to my wide feet and constant play. These shoes do not need breaking in and the support on the sides are great! Great traction and a quality shoe for the price.
From: Rballlefty, Danville, CA, USA, 03/12