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Available exclusively at Tennis Warehouse, Nanocubic 16 offers the renowned playability of Super Tec AK, but with improved durability. A new nano-fullerene blended coating provides increased resistance to notching and premature breakage. Includes Gosen's Sea and Island technology (3 island construction in core and outer wrapping filaments). Provides high resiliency and excellent ball bite. We have found this string to offer excellent comfort and ball pocketing.
  • Gauge: 16 / 1.31mm
  • Length: 40 feet / 12.2m
  • Construction: High strength Nylon Monofilament/Soft Nylon Monofilament with Sea and Island construction/Special nano-fullerene blended coating for increased durability.
  • Color: Champagne Gold
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Comments: Not bad. Durable, good tension maintenance. But I feel like I lose the ball on the strings a bit with it. Not sure where on the face of the racquet I'm hitting. They don't move at all which is great but kinda slippery feeling (but maybe that's cause I'm not feeling the ball on the strings). Spin is decent.
From: mike, canada. 5/10

Comments: These strings are awful...no power, no feel, and no control. I had both of my Yonex RDS 003 rackets strung with them, and after only two days, I'm having them restrung with Prince Synthetic gut. Stay away from these strings unless you like to feel as if you are hitting a sponge ball.
From: George Gates, Mobile, Alabama, USA 08/09

Comments: Very good strings for the money, holds tension very well, and durable. Plays better (softer) than Prince Synthetic or Wilson Stamina and last a lot longer, but still a bit stiff for my taste. After a lot of experimenting, I tried Polylon SP 17g main and AK Pro 16 on crosses, and it's the best combo I've come across in about a dozen string jobs, in terms of durability and feel.
From: Joe, Davis, CA, USA 07/09

Comments: These strings are MONEY! Hold tension which is my #1 priority, and have a great balance of comfort/control/spin. If you break the Gosen AK strings sooner than you would like, give these a try as they are a more durable version.
From: Vitaly, UKRAINE, 11/07

Comments: Ordered these strings about 1 1/2 months ago. The strings are very durable and have a very good feel to them. It has started to loose tension but that is normal because I am not a skilled player. I would suggest these strings over any other brand name 16 gauge strings for overall performance.
From: Rocky, San Leandro, CA, USA, 06/06