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The 2009-2010 Ektelon Maxtack Pro Glove features a tackified palm that players love plus exceptional feel and padding.

  • Premium Leather with Tacky 3M Application
  • Textured palm pattern provides extra grip
  • DryZone with four-way stretch lycra to keep your hand cool and comfortable
  • Flexible neoprene knuckle padding provides maximum hand protection
  • Soft elastic sweat absorbing wristband

Comments: Great grip, and good fit. It worked very well with my Toron Lite, but durability is terrible. I played a total of 12 hours over a six week period before the contact portion in the middle of the thumb began to tear. By the end of the 13th hour of play, the thumb had split across the entire leather portion of the thumb. I've played with Ektelon racquets and gloves since I began playing back in the mid-70s and I've never had one tear so quickly. 
From: Steve J., Ashburn, VA, USA, 06/14
Skill-level: Open 

Comments: (amend to my previous comment) I want to just say one more thing to add to my previous comment. I want to describe a little better what the problem is with this new design though I can't explain exactly why it is happening when I analyze the glove. With the old design as you rip the ball the glove stays tight, because it is well conformed to my hand with elastic mesh, and the end of the fingers of the glove stay tight to the tip of my fingers. But with this new design the glove slips off so that there ends up becoming nearly an inch in the fingers in the glove longer than my fingers. I believe I lost a game in a tournament because it was so distracting constantly having to pull the glove back into position on my hand. I'm hoping the Python Super Tack (which looks like the same tacki grip) or Dunlop Upper Cut will solve this problem.
From: Troy B., Sherwood Park, Alberta, CAN, 11/13
Skill-level: Open 

Comments: While I am playing I am distracted with this new design. It doesn't fit my hand properly like the previous design; fingers now go longer, it's too tight around my palm (I assume extra large would be too large), and it is not as flexible as before to conform to my hand (the back mesh is very rigid). So I ordered the Dunlop Upper Cut and Python Super Tack (the manager of Racquetball Warehouse recommended the Super Tack to replace the Maxtack) to compare and will decide between these two.  In short, the glove doesn't fit my hand properly. For me it's unplayable. Still very tacky though.
From: Troy B., Sherwood Park, Alberta, CAN, 10/13
Skill-level: Open 

Comments: Played with these for years. The tackiness is amazing if you really want to dig into your racquet and never slip. Not too thick in the palm and has great ventilation. My only qualm with this glove is its durability. As it is with nearly every glove out there, this glove is amazing when its NEW and DRY. I've found that when this glove loses its tackiness and gets smooth around the palm, it is very difficult to grip the racquet. 8/10.
From: Scott, San Luis Obispo, CA, USA, 09/11
Skill-level: B/B+

Comments: I used to play with the old mesh back maxtack pro gloves (red and black) from ektelon about 10 years ago, and loved the amount of grip it gave. But when they stopped making them I switched to the pure 1 and loved that glove as a replacement. When I saw these were out again I ordered 6 but am now kind of kicking myself. You see my problem is now these are almost TOO tacky. I love the control, they vent out great because I sweat a lot, but.... When I switch from backhand to forehand I find that after I have been playing my hand tends to feel tired or almost as if it is struggling. I think this is a great glove but maybe a little too good. I am going to pick up its big brother just to see how I fair.
From: Josh
City, State, Country: Reno, Nevada 01/10
Skill-level: B

Comments: I like this glove, haven't tried every glove but have tried a lot of low end ones. The palm is VERY tacky and gets even sticker when your sweat get's into the palm. When I first started using this glove I had a wrap grip like the Wilson racquets have (hated that grip by the way) with the rubber, black alternating, and the gloves sticks too much to the rubber and is hard to switch grips from forehand to back hand. You need two hands to do it. Now I've switched back to a regular Gamma smooth wrap grip and after a few sessions the tackyness calmed down and is perfect. I have no slippage and can switch between backhand and forehand. I would probably not recommend this glove with a smooth rubber grip as it's too sticky, or a python ribbed type, because the tackyness is really unneeded, but for people like me who like the customizability of wrap grips, I would highly recommend this glove. Durability seems to be very good, better than the old MaxTack pro (those knuckles would rip after one dive), although I really like the look of the old ones better. The padding is better to protect your knuckles in the occasional dive, but probably still not enough for the hard core diver.
From: Brandon
City, State, Country: Grand Forks, ND 01/10
Skill-level: C-B depending on the day