Alleviates pain by diminishing tension on muscles and ligaments. For use as a preventive measure against tennis elbow and during the rehab phase of treatment. Offers easily adjustable compression, breathable and smooth on the skin. Made of 100% cotton for greater comfort compared to neoprene braces.
  • Forearm circumference 8.7"-12.6" order size Medium.
  • Forearm circumference 12.6"-17.7" order size Extra Large.
  • Comments: I find this product very comfortable to use and it performs better than any of the other products designed to help prevent or alleviate tennis elbow. The one suggestion I have to improve it would be if the eyelets through which the fabric tightens were made of plastic rather than metal because perspiration causes them to rust and the rust color rubs off on your arm.
    From: Jay, 7/11