With a classic new look, these extremely light weight and maneuverable shoes will allow you to play for hours and still have enough gas in the tank to go out and hit the track. The upper is comprised of mesh for breathability and a synthetic leather skeleton to help provide support when tracking down your opponents shots. The Nike Multicourt 10 is low to the ground to provide good court feel while being cushioned enough to keep your feet comfortable during those long matches.
  • Fit: Shoe has a narrow width throughout and a standard length with a low-medium arch support
  • Upper: Mesh plus synthetic leather
  • Outsole: Gum rubber outsole.
  • Color scheme: White/Silver
  • Weight: 11.4 oz (Size 10.5)

Comments: Have to agree with Dan. I owned their predecessor, and with one look I can see that it has not changed. Worst fit and comfort level I have ever experienced. Thought I'd break them in, but after my shoes sent me to the doctor I gave up. Don't know what Mr. #3 is doing different or if they customize his shoes for him (probably the case), but even I'd put with the pain for an endorsement check.
From: Jeff, Dallas, TX, USA, 10/12
Skill-level: A

(Jeff- He is not paid to use the shoes nor does he receive custom-made pairs, he purchases them here at the Warehouse.  Unfortunately one model of shoe may not work for everyone since we all have different needs in terms of support, but that's why we offer free return shipping on all of our U.S. orders!--RbW Staff)

Comments: Just received these shoes in the mail and they were uncomfortable right out of the box. I mistakenly decided that they would break in and I would adjust, but after the 2nd use, I have concluded that these shoes are seriously flawed. They offer absolutely no support in the arch and cause severe pain and foot cramping after just a few minutes of playing. I had another player try them who has the same foot size, and he immediately noticed the same problem. Needless to say, I cannot play racquetball with these shoes at all. While they are lightweight and the sole seems very good, they are absolutely the most uncomfortable shoes I've ever owned. Just flushed $55 down the drain for nothing!

From: Dan, Royal Oak, MI, USA, 04/12
Skill-level: Intermediate -Racquetball

(Dan- these shoes are being used by the #3 player on the pro tour.  We would recommend wearing them casually to break them in, and give them another chance after a little more of a break-in period-- RW Staff)