Wilson NXT 17 String Natural
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Rated No. 1 best playing string in 1999 USRSA String Survey.

This is one of the most popular, time-tested multifilaments ever made. It offers optimal comfort, touch, power, and feel. According to Wilson, NXT offers a 10% increased sweet spot over traditional synthetic gut, as well as 74% less vibration. Players with slow to moderate swing speeds will benefit from the power of NXT. It's also great for all types of players that love the classic gut-like feel of a multifilament, as well as being a great option for polyester string users as part of a hybrid. Tennis elbow sufferers looking for a softer, more comfortable string should also give NXT a try. The thinner 17 gauge will offer even more comfort and feel, but less durability than the 16 gauge. See our "TW Reviews" link below for rating averages, player comments and much more!

  • Gauge: 17 / 1.24mm
  • Length: 40 feet / 12.2m (note: 44 ft. length no longer available)
  • Construction: Multifilament Xycro Micro fibers bonded with polyurethane
  • Color: Natural
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Comments: Been using NXT 17 in Babolat Pure Drive Plus at 55 lbs. They have had a fraying problem but still played excellent. I think they addressed the problem but now it plays very stiff to the point I'm having arm problems. I string my own with an electronic stringing machine and I get very accurate results. Tried reducing tension but still no go. Technifibre NRG2 here I come.
From: Roger, 11/16

Comments: I have bought this string 3 times over the last 3 months and had to keep replacing it because of fraying. I wanted something arm friendly. Going to try the 16 gauge to see if it makes a difference . Anyone have any other suggestions for an arm friendly strung other than natural gut?
From: Jessica, 5/16
Note from TW: Hi Jessica -- Yes, definitely try a thicker gauge, you may even want to try 15L next. You can also give NXT DuraMax 15 a go as it is more durable than the standard NXT. If those aren't durable enough, you may want to go with a super soft poly next, we would suggest trying Double AR Twice Shark. Good luck!

Comments: My Wilson NXT 17 strings began fraying in the center within 3 weeks. I am a 3.5 to 4.0 player with 50 years experience and have never had strings begin fraying this soon. I have a Head Speed MP racquet strung at 57 lbs. I play 1 to 3 times per week and hit primarily flat to moderate spin.
From: Kenneth, 3/16

Comments: Worst string I have ever used. Brian from 7/15 is correct. I hit with it 4 times and the string was completely frayed and falling apart. Never in over 35 years of tennis play have I had strings disintegrate like these. Don't waste your money.
From: Bob, 10/15

Comments: Really love this string. I do find the black NXT 17g plays somewhat better at the same tension. I have my Wilson Blade 104s strung at 49.5 pounds. For some reason, the natural NXT 17 does not feel the same. Lowering the natural's tension down to 49 lbs and I will see if it makes a difference.
From: Mike, 8/15

Comments: Wilson NXT 17 is the worst string I have ever had on any racquet I have owned. I am an average player. My strings are strung at 55 lbs and have begun to fray after about 10 hours or less of play. I do not hit with topspin, nor do I hit the ball with great authority. Never in over 50 years of tennis play have I had strings disintegrate like these.
From: Brian, 7/15

Comments: Best string ever! Loved it from the first hit. Not the longest lasting, but I will stick with it.
From: Jean, 12/14

Comments: I have my daughter's racquets strung with this string at very low tensions. She likes the power it provides in her oversize Wilson and Head racquets. She is probably a 2.5 but hits the ball hard. She likes this string better than any I have put in her racquets.
From: Mike, 11/14

Comments: Very good power and spin but not good feel for me.
From: Ethan, 9/14

Comments: Overall, good feel and control. Durability was the main concern. After 2 sets of doubles (4.0 level) and about an 1.5 hours of practice, the strings broke on their own while sitting in my tennis bag.
From: Steven, 12/13

Comments: The string of choice for women tennis players (League players) at my country club where I work and perform all the racquet stringing for last 5 years. Head Pro and Director of Tennis also love NXT 17g (ages 40+, 50+). Many of the younger and older pros love Luxilon 18g Ace 112 as a hybrid with NXT in the mains and Lux 18g in the crosses. Not much tension reduction from recommended mid range on the 18g Lux, maybe 2 or 3 pounds unlike the 16g where I typically come down 6-8 pounds. NXT mains strung mid range most of the time. Some of our Super Champ level juniors play with this same combo, but with NXT as the crosses. One 12 year old who was a finalist this week in Waco, TX strings the hybrid Lux 18g/NXT16g at 51 pounds all the way around, but he has tons of top spin. You know when it is time to restring because the string frays, but lasts until it is hair thin in many cases I've seen.  NXT 17g will fray quicker than 16g, but has the advantage of bitting into the ball more to improve spin
From: Eric, Dallas, TX, USA, 11/13
Skill- level: 4.5 

Comments: Used NXT on my Wilson PS 6.1 95. Strung it at 60 lbs and I'm a 4.0 flat hitter. After about ten hours of play, the strings near the sweet spot frayed like cotton puffs. While these strings provided comfort, they didn't provide the durability or control I was looking for. I would not recommend this string at all. I'm going back to using RPM Blast as the control and crispness with each shot is superior.
From: Matt, 3/13

Comments: Within two months, I had 6 of these strings break without even playing once. I think there is a manufacturing error on these strings. I decided to use Babolat Addiction instead. Hopefully it will be a good replacement.
From: Fikret, 3/13

Comments: This string doesn't last. I string my racquets at about 62 lbs. I remember the string several years ago would fray a little before it would break, but not anymore, as it just snaps after about several hours of use. I'm a 4.5 player and hit the ball mostly flat to some topspin. I wouldn't recommend 17 gauge NXT unless they change the string formula.
From: Anon, 1/13

Comments: I had my Head MicroGel Radical strung with this at 57 pounds and I find it to be stiff as a board. I'm hoping they will loosen up eventually. If you are going to get this string, string it loose.
From: Michael, 12/12

Comments: This string is the best. Strung at 58lbs it gave me control, power, spin and comfort. I play everyday for 3 hours and the playability will last over 3 months. My NTRP is 6.0 and don't know how people say this is not durable. This is the best string ever. My string of choice is natural gut and it can't compare.
From: Benjamin, 10/12

Comments: I used Luxilon BB Rough for years and loved it, but the stiffness finally caught up with me and killed my elbow. This string felt good at first, with good comfort and feel, but the durability was horrendous. I'm a 4.5 hard hitter and like a lot of topspin. This string could not keep up. It was like Repunzal's hair after just two sets. I need more durability. Babolat XCel felt just as good, but lasted longer.
From: Don, 8/12

Comments: I liked this string a lot. It's simply a great all-around string. I strung this in the mains with Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power Rough, both at 57 pounds. I got lots of control and spin with decent power. I thought the power increased though with the Luxilon in the crosses. With the NXT, the spin potential kept the ball in the court well, but unfortunately in 4-5 days it broke. I decided I liked it so I wanted it in a reel but couldn't find it. Besides, Wilson doesn't allow shipment to Canada. So I have decided to go to Technifibre X-one Biphase which is supposed to be like this string but just a little better in every aspect except durability. So if you have a stringing machine and want to save with a reel go with Biphase.
From: Anon, 8/12

Comments: Personally, I don't see the huge hype on this string. I'm a 3.5-4.0 doubles volleyer (or when I play singles, chip and charger) and for volleys this string has no feel at all. It is a bit durable for my style of play, but I hate it when I have to fall back on my second racquet which is strung with these. It's one of the worse multifilaments I have tried out. I'm going back to poly mains and synthetic gut crosses (suprisingly, I found this setup more durable than the NXT's).
From: Justin, 8/12

Comments: Right now, I am transitioning strings and racquets at the same time. I was using the Yonex RQIS 1 with Luxilon Big Banger Rough 16 and am changing to the Head Youtek Radical MP with the Wilson NXT 17 string. I have control on my groundstrokes, but I have not grasped the feel of the strings for volleys just yet. There is no doubt that this string is not nearly as durable as the Luxilon sting but the softness is really helping me out. I will continue to work with this string.
From: Robert, 9/11

Comments: This string broke in 26 minutes flat for me. I use a full western grip with tons of topspin, and I have learned my lesson to not look out for thin multifilimants like NXT. This is a warning for players like me. On the bright side, the string offered very nice feel, and above average spin and power.
From: Jeff. 5/11

Comments: Best string out there. I have them strung at 63 and 65 pounds in my hyper hammer 5.3 95 and 110. Amazing how the string has taken in and performed. Love the crisp feel and the touch is great. I have a 16 by 20 string pattern so spin is very accessible and slice is easy to come by. Wilson NXT string is a best seller on any tennis site and has earned its stay as a top rated and best selling string. I also use nxt 16 gauge too and it is just as good and a little more durable. I see that Wilson has added some more strings to the line. I will try the nxt control in one of my rackets to see how it feels and performs.
From: Brian, Houston, TX, USA, 02/11

Comments: Plays well for about one set and then loses tension and feel. Provides good spin on groundies and serves but does not seem to pocket the ball well on volleys leaving little to no feel. I used it as a cross with poly mains at 54.5 lbs. I'm a 4.5 doubles player with semi-western forehand. Way too expensive considering its short-life span.
From: Kevin, Hurley, NY, USA, 02/11

Comments: Even at high tension (60 LBS +), lots of power, feel, and spin. NXT 17 has a surprising amount of spin potential. Very plush feeling, lots of power. However after 10+ hours, as soon as they begin to fray, there is an immediate loss in power, feel, and spin. After that period, it felt stiff, harsh, and extremely low powered.
Excellent feel
Powerful (even at high tensions)
After 10+ hours, everything turns to crap.
From: anon. Canada 03/10

Comments: I had these on my Wilson K Tour (95") on the crosses strung at 56 lbs. (FYI: I had Luxilon Big Bangers on the mains strung at 52 lbs.) I hit with a lot of power and this hybrid string combination felt excellent. The NXT strings added a nice and soft feel (no irritating feel during a mis-hit). The NXT only lasted ~10 hours, so keep this in mind during your selection. If you have the cash to keep replacing these strings then I highly recommend them for a hybrid application.
From: Michael, Chicago, IL USA. 3/10

Comments: I love the NXT 17 string. I have them installed in my 5.3 Hyper Hammer. The control, power and comfort are great. Strokes feel so good coming off this string that you can feel that you have hit the ball solidly or off- centered. Even when you hit off-centered you hardly even feel the vibration from mishitting. I have an open string pattern (16 by 20). I can get really good bite on my slices an hitting ground strokes with these strings are a pleasurable experience.Even on serving you can get wicked spin on the ball in the deuce court with these strings. I had my Hyper Hammer 5.3 restrung by my instructor at 65 pounds to get even more control and accuracy. I look forward to what the racquet will play like with my favorite string along with the newly tested tension.
From: Brian, Houston, Texas US 12/09

Comments: I started using wilson nxt 17 as a hybrid in the xcrosses with babalot pro hurricane when I recently switched racquets from the owhite mp to the speedport black mp. The tension that I use is 56# mains, and 59# in the xcrosses. The feel and power coupled with the pro hurricane is really good, however the nxt 17 is not very durable. Not a big deal. I just restring the nxt 17 and the bed still has lot of pop. I am not a hard hitter, so the wearout was kind of surprising.
From: Chris, San Jose, CA, USA. 08/09

Comments: I've tried this string a few times and finally figured out where it does the best. Last year I used it in my Wilson Pro Staff 6.1 95 and after about a week it started to unravel much like regular gut and had to cut it out after another week left it looking really bad. It was strung a little on the tight side. Then I demo'd a bunch of different rackets all strung with NXT17. After settling on the Head Microgel Radical 107 and strung it with a Poly/Synth hybrid the frame didn't feel remotely the same. I just put the NXT17 back in it at the middle range of 57lbs and to no surprise it was back to the racket I landed on. Further questioning of friends and competitors has lead me to believe unequivocally that this string first from my experience is a lot better than it's 16 gauge counterpart. And, second that NXT17 seems to work, feel, and last appreciatively better in oversize frames like Prince 110 and Head 107 frames that I own as well as a number of people I know and play with/against.
From: Joe, Alpharetta, GA, USA, 06/09

Comments: I've used this string exclusively @ 55 lbs in my K-Tour(s) I got last year (used plenty of others in various rackets over yrs) & absolutely LOVE IT! I've only broken it once but I rarely play on the same set for over 2 mo (I alternate restringing my two every other month and play w/the fresher one unless I break which, again, has only happened once in almost a year). It isn't the cheapest thing out there but nobody ever said quality was cheap and strings are kinda like tires in that there are points where performance comes at the expense of durability or vice-versa.
From: Sid, Atlanta, GA, USA. 05/09

Comments: Wilson NXT 17 doesn't last very long. I am usually not a string breaker, but when I started using this string on the crosses with Luxilon BB Alu Power Fluoro on the mains, I broke it in about 3 weeks on both of my racquets. It is a good feeling string, with good power, control, and comfort. However durability is a real issue, especially because of the high price. I have had a new hybrid strung on my racquets, Kirschbaum Pro Line No.II on mains and Tecnifibre X-One Biphase on crosses. It is a much cheaper hybrid than the one I had been using.
From: Josh, NY, USA, 05/09

Comments: Wilson NXT 17 string does not last long, my daughter plays 5 hours a week, and it breaks in 4 weeks, and she is only 8 years old.
From: Dan, San Diego, CA, USA, 11/08

Comments: Strings are relatively nice. However, for the money... definitely not worth it. It lasts only a few days. After a week, my strings snapped. If you're not a hard hitter, it may be better for you. However, even so, definitely not worth the money. As for the feel, it provides some comfort and spin. However, Tecnifibre X-One Biphase 17 Strings, in my opinion are much better.
From: Daniel, Raleigh, NC, USA. 10/08

Comments: This string has good control and it seems to really grab the ball. I ordered a Wilson Hammer and had TW to string it with NXT 17 for a match and half it played great! But after a match and a half it went dead quick. That's a little too soon for the price, I have used Gosen OG Micro for a long time and I love it. It's a lot like the NXT but it last a lot longer and it cost much cheaper. I string my own racquets and you can buy a 660 reel of Gosen OG Micro 16 ga or 17ga at TW's great price, that's a DEAL!
From: Dennis, Burnsville, NC, USA, 09/08

Comments: This string sucks. It moves a lot on low tension 55. I tried it on 61 it was good but it only lasted for 3 times of usage... I'm using a 90 headsize, serve and volley guy. I wont recommend this. CyberBlue is best bang for the buck... I know there's a lot of good reviews here but...
From: Paul, FL, USA, 08/08

Comments: Great string if you use really high tension like 68 - 70 lbs. Nothing grabs the ball or has touch and feel, pop. Also it's a great alternative to gut for hybrids. I use an Nsixone 95 18/20, and I play 3 to 5 days a week singles doubles 50 / 50. Western forehand, one-handed backhand, not a string breaker. Hard server.
From: Matias, Yucaipa, Ca., US. 7/08

Comments: Let me tell most of you that for a player who plays at least 3 times a week and is ok at tennis, there is no way a string can last longer than a month. I personally played with NXT 17 and ripped this along with all other synthetic string in one hitting session. I only recommend this string for hybrids on the crosses as a sub for natural gut. I personally prefer Luxilon Big Banger ALU Rough. Provides great control lasts and perfect spin.
From: Mark, Fair Lawn, NJ, United States. 7/08

Comments: Horrible string. It lasted me one hour and 15 minutes. Strung at 62 lbs in a Microgel Radical OS, I played an hour of group lessons, then the next day, I played 15 minutes into a warm- up and one of my mains tore horribly. Maybe I strung it too tight, but at 62 lbs, it was too springy. Not good enough to spend the money on.
From: Anon, 07/08

Comments: I've tried the Wilson Sensation 17, the NXT 17, and the NXT Tour 17, and I like the NXT 17 the best by far. It's power and feel are much better than the Sensation, and the NXT Tour seemed to grab the ball a little more than I prefer as I'm not a heavy spin player. The NXT can generate it if you need it, but it's power and the depth control I needed that won me over vs. the other 2. I always dominate in the first 3-5 matches after I get new string but than it gets dead after about 5-7 matches. I like to win so I get it strung when it starts to die. It's worth every penny to me as I've gone from 3.5 to 4.0 in 2 seasons with it.
From: David, Atlanta, GA. 5/08

Comments: I switched to this string after struggling with tennis elbow for a couple of years. After I had played with the string for two weeks, my elbow troubles disappeared. This a very spin-friendly string with moderate power that does not sacrifice comfort. During the height of the USTA adult season, this string lasted about 2 months before I had to restring, which I consider pretty good for what you're getting.
From: Josh, Louisville, KY, USA. 4/08

Comments: This is a great string. I am not a string breaker, as I play a control game. The 17 gauge I played with lasted me a long time. It frays fast, but still plays well. Actually better, as it gets thinner. It has great spin, very good control and power and is very arm friendly, too. It's better overall than the Head Intellistring and Dunlop Max Comfort I played with before switching to this string. The only downside is it moves a lot first few times when newly strung.
From: Kam, Rochester, NY. 12/07

Comments: The bad; the string lasts 5-7 hours maximum. String bed moves around a lot- not really a big deal. The good: I rarely lose. Unbelievable control and feel. I can generate my own power with any string. My serves operate efficiently and effectively. No elbow problems. topspin/flat shots are performed with a high level of accuracy Summary; I hate the cost and time to string my racquets. My game became elevated. I played with this string for over 6 weeks, when I switched to something else, that's when I noticed how effective this string was. I will be looking for this type of string with a higher durability value. I don't want to compromise the playability. The string is a winner!!
From: Vic, Toronto, Canada, 10/07

Comments: This string doesn't compare to my Tecnifibre Pro Red Code and Babolat Superfine Play both 16 strung at 58 lbs. It had poor durability, and the strings move constantly every point. But if you like that super soft feel, these strings are great. I broke them in five weeks, and I'm only 12 years old.
From: Matt, North Vancouver, B.C., Canada. 10/07

Comments: Great string! Especially if you are not a chronic string breaker, this is the right string for you. It has a lot of spin and control and very minimum power. It's arm, wrist, and elbow-friendly as well. I guess the only down side about this string is the quick loss of tension.
From: Ian, San Diego, CA. 10/07

Comments: Strung @ 58lbs. Very disappointed with this string. Strings move constantly. Every point I had to straighten the strings out. I've never seen any string move this much. I will never use this string again.
From: Tim, Ohio. 10/07

Comments: This string is the best. It's so durable and yet can deliver huge control and enough power for the perfect match. I play everyday and the string lasted me for like 2 months. Usually it only lasts at the most for like 1 month. This string is great and I recommend it to anyone who loves a solid feel from their racquet and lots of pure control.
From: Vladimir, Woodbury, CT, USA, 09/07

Comments: As mention from other's, It doesn't last longer it took me three matches and they were broken. I didn't feel much speed playing with this strings, but they were good on my elbow.
From: Juan, Miramar, FL, USA, 02/07

Comments: For a third of the cost of natural gut it's really no contest. No other string I have used, short of natural gut, provides a softer feel.
From: Dave, San Diego, CA, USA, 02/07

Comments: Good strings, but (and there's always a but) there is absolutely no durability with the NXT. I've had 5 string jobs using these, and get about 3 to 4 weeks of use. And a friend of mine has on occasions snapped them after one or two days. They play well however. I have since moved on to a different string that plays about the same lasts much longer and are cheaper.
From: Matt, Woodstock, GA, USA, 01/07

Comments: I am an all court player who likes to rip balls with a lot of topspin from the baseline as well as come up to the net and volley. I was previously experimenting different strings like Crossfire and Wilson Reaction before I chanced upon Wilson NXT. The results have been excellent. Since changing to NXT 17, my ground strokes has had more spin and control. The string works exceptionally well on my power shots, which used to blast out of the court. Volley also have and added level of control especially on drop volleys. My single-hand topspin backhands and slice really fizz through the air as well, really kicking into the opponent's body upon contact. The more I play with NXT, the better the feel gets. This string is excellent and everyone should get it!
From: Andrew, Melbourne, Australia, 01/07

Comments: This string is good for the first day or 2, after that it starts to lose tension and the strings move around a lot. If you could to get this string I recommend stringing it at a high tension
From: Michael, Charlestown IN USA 04/06

Comments: This string is the best string I have played with yet. I am a 4.5-5.0 player and suffer from tennis elbow. Every aspect of my game got better and softer with this string, however after playing for the third time the string felt dead as a wall.
From: Gil, Philadelphia, PA 04/06

Comments: I used this string and I have to say, for me, I strung my racket at 64, the highest it could go, and after a week or so, it lost most of its tension and the strings move constantly. Wasn't very impressed and probably won't waste more money on this.
From: Matt, Barrie, Ontario, Canada 07/05

Comments: I would pick this string over Gamma Live Wire XP for it's pop and softness. You can feel that the ball stays on the string longer. The only problem is durability.
From: Derek, San Francisco, CA, USA. 04/05

Comments: I have used this string for over five months. It is great string and will definitely not give you tennis elbow. I am 4.0 player and I use Babolat Pure Drive racquet. My tension is set at 62 lbs. Before then I used the Luxilon Rough 16 gauge for many months, 10 or longer, and I developed tennis elbow from that string. The only thing not good for NXT string (17 gauge) is they are not very durable. The total play time is about six to eight hours max.
From: Peter, Huntington Beach, CA, USA. 01/05

Comments: Switched from Sensation 17 to NXT 17 in my Wilson nCode N3 - what a game improvement difference - no bang feel on hits - more feel on serves, spins, crisp volleys.
From: Donna 4.0, Charlotte, NC, USA. 01/05

Comments: A pretty good string although it does not last very long. After a couple hours of play they become furry/frayed and then break. It also has a very soft feel. Very good spin and control.
From: Mike, Berkeley, California, USA. 11/04

Comments: Nice string but only lasted a few hours. I had used the 16 gauge for 20+ hours before I tried the 17gauge. I have a Prince DB26 frame strung at 61lbs. May be an isolated case, but I am going back to the 16gauge. Overall, both are good strings, comparable to the best in Tecnifbre line. Easy on the arm and elbow. If you hit with a lot of spin, I would use string savers.
From: Tony, USA. 9/03

Comments: I recommend this string for anyone looking to soften up a stiff frame a little bit. A very soft feeling string that felt great in my old Wilson ProStaff Original 6.0. I have switched to a Pro Kennex 5G and feel that this string- racquet combo is way too soft. I have since switched to Luxilon Big Banger Original in the 5G. I have much more control and spin with the new combination.
From: Mike, Washington, USA. 8/03

Comments: I used this string for about 2 months. I had to restring my racquet about every month. I was very disappointed with this string. When I bought my racquet the stringer said that this would be a good string but I will never use it again. The tension loosens quickly and they fray very quickly, too. I'm currently using Wilson Extreme Synthetic Gut and love it.
From: Adam, San Jose, CA, USA. 8/03

Comments: I have this string on my Wilson 85 ProStaffs and on my new Tour 90's. Strung @ 57 & 60lbs respectively. Overall, this is a very good string, nice soft but lively feel, spin/control and decent durability. It is supposed to fray, but the center core is very strong and will hang on longer than your think. One thing I noticed was, it has a bit more trampoline like effect on the 90" head as opposed to the 85" head, which takes a bit of getting used to. However, as one reviewer said it, does allow you to flip some pretty wild angles by allowing you to hold on to the ball. As for string breakers, I find it is usually people who over-arm the ball and do not have a balance of legs hip and arm in their swing that have a problem with breakage. Hey it's a string, it's going to break eventually and better the string than your arm, if you want to make it happen sooner, you can. I like the NXT 17 and can not imagine much improvement possible here.
From: George, San Francisco, CA 7/03

Comments: The string is good for those who like that "mushy ball stuck in the stringbed feeling." Too soft feeling for solid volleys and crisp overheads. No solid or crisp response with this string. OK controlled pace on groundies but the strings just are not lively enough even at 55lbs. The strings are not that good for ball bite either. Good for elbow problems though.
From: K.T., CA, USA. 7/03

Comments: Great string. Plays like a dream indeed. NXT really allows the ball to stay in the string bed longer. Resilience is phenomenal compared to strings like TNT etc. Overall this is my string of choice.
From: Kelvin, USA. 5/03

Comments: This is a great string overall. I play high school doubles, and it works like a charm. Great spin, touch, and actually, a good amount of power! It is a little hard to feel the ball perfectly from the baseline, but works great for volleys. The only minus is that it doesn't last very long at all. The strings are frayed after about a week and a half of matches and practice. After approx. 13 hours, the string is about to pop.
From: Kia, Laguna Niguel, CA USA. 4/03

Comments: Wow, this string is quite interesting. It was a bit of a pain to string due to its soft multifilament nature, but once it was strung it played like an absolute dream. Although I have never played with gut, I feel like I know just about what to expect. The string does have a lot of pop but goes perfectly with my Wilson ProStaff 6.0 Original, and has so far lasted about an hour, which for me is good for such a thin gauge and due to the fact I am a string breaker. It was almost like the racquet was doing a lot of the work for me and the string didn't hurt my arm one bit. It had a bit too much pop when I was first hitting with it, however, within about a ten minute break in period, the string bed settled and I feel this will be my string of choice from now on. Thank you Tennis Warehouse for the customer reviews otherwise I still wouldn't know about NXT.
From: Alex, Cleveland, Ohio, USA. 3/03

Comments: Really good stuff. I am hard pressed to feel a big difference between NXT and the 'Tour NXT' version. Supreme ball feel and spin. Power is notable as well. feels soft even strung at 65 lbs on a constant pull machine in my Triple Threat Warrior. I play 3 days a week and this has lasted me just over two months. I'm a hard hitter and did not use string savers. Well done Wilson. NXT forever!
From: James, UK 12/02

Comments: This is a very good string for those who like topspins or slice. I like this string because you can feel the ball.
From: Daniel, Orlando, FL. USA 11/02

Comments: I had the Wilson NXT 17 strung at 58lbs on a Babolat constant pull electronic machine in a Wilson PS 6.0 85. The boardy feel of the old solid core synthetic is gone, and I can dial up spin from 1 to 11. It doesn't make the frame any more friendly, but the touch and ability to whip nasty angles seems increased. Without question, string savers are a must if you hit heavy spin, if not for longevity then for peace of mind, for you'll spend all your post-point time fixing strings.
From: Harris, Columbus, OH. USA 9/02

Comments: I switched from Sensation 17 to Wilson NXT 17. It has a softer feel than the Sensation and great sound on flattish groundstrokes. The string offers good control on my Triad 4.0 100, which is strung at 60lbs. It does frays and becomes shaggy but continues to play well.
From: Glenn, Montclair, NJ. USA 5/02

Comments: Oh yeah! The more you play with NXT 17 string, the better you feel about your game. It just make any racquets play better and it felt like gut. I can generate power, control, spin and it will always be a sure shot whenever I hit it. If you have an expensive racquet, you must have this string to go with it.
From: Tony, San Diego, Ca. USA 4/02

Comments: Having experimented with numerous synthetics, I find the Wilson Sensation NXT 17 gauge the very best. This string will likely break before going dead. It frays like gut performing better when it becomes an 18 gauge or thinner. I can bang balls all day without any body soreness - and I string my 7.1 Profile at 67lbs. The string is predictable providing plenty of spin for an approach slice or topspin lob. Always seeking game improvement, I plan on trying the NXT Tour next.
From: Karl, Cape Coral, FL. USA 11/01

Comments: I find Wilson NXT comparable to Tecnifibre NRG2. Anyway, one of my customers has an elbow problem and he swears by it.
From: Gaines, Message Board post, USA, 11/01

Comments: Outside of Babolat VS Gut, NXT 17 is the best string I have ever used. At times, I feel it plays even better than a natural gut. Any player who likes the feel and resiliency of gut, but is through paying the monstrous amount for that string (which breaks faster than any synthetic) will be extremely happy with this wonderful breakthrough in synthetic string technology.
From: Matt, Los Angeles, CA. USA 6/01