Wilson NXT DuraMax 15 String
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Note: This string was originally named Wilson NXT Max. This is the same string.

NXT DuraMax is the most durable version of NXT. Like other version of NXT it offers excellent comfort and playability. A soft feeling string, NXT Max is ideal for players seeking maximum comfort from a string that can still handle heavy power and spin without premature breakage.

Try this thicker gauge for added durability and directional control. This one is also great for racquets with super open patterns.

  • Gauge: 15 / 1.40mm
  • Length: 40 feet / 12.2m
  • Composition: Multifilament (PU impregnated polyamide fibers protected by Abrasion Shields)
  • Color: Natural

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Comments: I have been able to drop the tension down to 5 5lbs. This seems to feel better on the elbow and still not launch balls over the fence. I tried 54 lbs as well but the tension seemed a little loose. The 55 lbs tension does not move the strings around either. A great string for larger head racquets.
From: Mike, 9/16

Comments: My first outing with this string was very successful. I have this string on my Wilson Ultra 103S at 57 lbs. I had really good groundstrokes with good slice on my backhand. I will try lowering the tension to 55 lbs and possibly post the results if it was a good move. I had no durability issues on the first outing.
From: Mike, 8/16

Comments: Love the soft feel of the string. Other than the durability issue, my forehand has a lots of spin and I break one of these string in two weeks.
From: Janet, 4/16

Comments: I strung this on a Prince Tour 100 18x20. I used this as a hybrid with Lux ALU Rough 16. Tension at 53 lbs main for the ALU and 51 lbs on the crosses for NXT DuraMax 15. I'm a 4.5 player playing 3 times a week for an average of 2 to 3 hours of playing time. After a week and a half, this string began to show signs of wear and eventually I had to cut it because they were about to break. The feeling and comfort was above average but durability wasn't there. I'm still searching for better multi string for a hybrid.
From: Jake, 10/15