Gosen Og-Sheep Micro 17 White String
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Gosen's OG Sheep Micro offers a solid blend of performance and durability at a great price. This thin 17 gauge version offers good ball pocketing and a slightly livelier response, but less durability compared to the thicker 16 gauge OG Sheep Micro.
  • Gauge: 17 (1.22mm)
  • Length: 40 feet / 12.2m
  • Composition: Single wrap of high modulus Promilan over a solid core coated with nylon.
  • Available colors: White
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Comments: This string plays firm and that's what I like about it. Most syn guts are mushy and move around too much, but this one stands out in playability among all! I don't understand people complaining about durability when it is a 17g string, all string is supposed to drop tension. A word of advice: use 16g if you wanna keep your strings for two months and start with a higher tension that's all! I played with all kinds of string setups before, but you can't beat this for the price!
From: Pete, 9/14

Comments: Absolutely love this string. I just bought a reel of this string. It can be used for all seasons. Perfect for someone who string their own racquets because it is not durable.
From: Hari, 4/14

Comments: I am using this one on my BLX 90 and recently on my PS BLX 90 in the crosses with RAB Monoflex poly in the mains. 55 lbs for multi and 48 lbs for crosses does the trick for me. Both frames are leaded up at 3 and 9, so balls have a lot of action (both spin and power wise) on the other side. Regardless of that kind of heavy hitting, I have yet to break either of the strings. I switched from full poly to make things softer and I couldn't see loss of control in any way. Power is great at this tension and for the price, you just can't beat this. With less then $10 I can string two frames and have yet to find something bad with it.
From: Fedja, 4/13

Comments: Have this in the cross and Gosen Polylon comfort 17 in the mains at 51lbs tension. This hybrid setup has great control and good topspin. Power is fair and good durability.
From: John, 4/12

Comments: I am a 4.0 doubles player, with a 19-4 record. I have used natural gut, Tecnifibre NRG and Wilson NXT before. I like this string just as much (well gut is the best), but, at a fraction of their costs. I have this string as a hybrid, with a poly (Wilson Enduro Pro 18 gauge), both as the main (for stronger serves), and as the cross (for better returns).
From: Mike, 11/11

Comments: These strings are great for their price. They are really good for generating spin, very soft and easy on the arm, and a breeze to string with as well. They stretch a fair amount when stringing so I actually managed to get a few more string jobs out of a reel. I usually hybrid them with Gosen Polylon to make them last a little longer. They get a lot of bite on the ball. All in all, a string I'll always have in stock.
From: Tam. 5/11

Comments: Glad to hear that you are liking the string, Gino. Two years down the road from my last comments here, GSM 17 (white, which I think is crisper than the natural) is still my only cross string. Nothing else like it.
From: Jon, Milwaukee, WI, USA, 03/11

Comments: I usually do my own research by talking to people and reading comments on TW feedback before I buy 660ft of strings (long commitment!). I am biased to Kirschbaum strings. Been using them for years. I was looking for a decent and cheap string for crosses and Gosen came to mind. This particular string was my #1 choice and from all the comments I read here the ones that stood out were the ones left by Jon from Milwaukee. I never tried pro line II (but always wanted to try) so I bought the 2 spools and endorse everything he said. I set tension to 57lbs. Great combo I found. After playing 3 sets the strings didn't move that much, great control, excellent spin, (enough to drive my opponents crazy!) and good pop on the serve. I have recently bought two Head YOUTEK IG Speed 16x19 and am adjusting to the racquet (used to play with Head Microgel extreme pro). Thank you Jon from Milwaukee!
From: Gino, Long Beach, CA, USA, 02/11

Comments: There is no better deal anywhere in the world of strings. Feel, tension maintenance, and ease of stringing are all well above average. Works as a full bed strung on the tighter side for open patterns, or as a terrific cross to soften up polys and kevlar. But for me, where these strings really shine is in an 18x20 pattern. With the tighter pattern, you can string these a little looser, resulting in great feel, nice grab on the ball, and terrific depth control. For what it's worth, I agree that the natural seems to play better.
From: Liam, Phoenix, AZ, USA, 12/10

Comments: These are my strings of choice after wasting hundreds on name brand polyesters. They give you so much feel and comfort. By the time they break you are ready for a fresh set anyway. String it tight as they are elastic and maintain tension very well.
From: Jason, Marietta, GA, USA, 10/10
BLX 90 @ 60 pounds

Comments: This is a great string! I've always used Head rip control, Isospeed, and Luxilon. But my friend made me try this one and it's awesome! It has more of a livelier feel into it and for the price you can't beat that.
From: Gerry, Spartanburg, SC, USA. 07/09

Comments: Very crisp! I tried this based on a recommendation from a friend and I was surprised at the crispness and pop of the ball coming off the strings. It does seem to lose tension quickly but it's still very controllable for me. I don't usually break strings too quickly but I can already see a good amount of notching after about 6 hours of play. Still, I string for myself and the price and performance of this string is very good.
From: K, CA US 06/09

Comments: This string as a cross with a poly main will always yield consistent results. After trying almost everything, I'm back to Gosen. Why? Price vs performance. You can pay as much as you'd like, go ahead; in the end I think you'll end up with the same results, $$ doesn't equal performance. If you think a string will change your game, most likely it won't. It can give you consistency when and if you find the correct racquet string/tension combo. Gosen Polylon with Micro in the crosses gives me- a heavy topspin baseliner- great consistency and performance for the money. If you're a tour pro, you may feel a difference; if you're a club player as I am, there shouldn't be a huge difference between Luxilon and Gosen. Don't expect a $50 string, and don't complain if you use this string in a full racquet, not a recommendation at all. Used as a hybrid on the crosses you'll definitely enjoy this string. If you don't string your own racquet and don't have the ability to try different tensions, this string is not for you. Knowledge is power when it comes to selecting a string. Price vs performance makes this string a winner. This string combo has been used in the Prince Hybrid Tour, Head Prestige Pro, Head Radical Pro, Donnay Pro One, and Wilson K- Factor 95. 4.0-4.5 Baseliner topspin using Wilson K-Factor six-one 95 Gosen Polylon Ice 17: Mains Gosen Micro 17: Crosses Tension: 60lbs
From: BD, Delray Beach, FL, USA, 06/09

Comments: Great string, great value! Feels great all the way till you break them. I did break them in 2 days (like 5 hours of play) so durability is not great for somewhat strong hitters. Hybrid this!!
From: Kevin, California, USA. 05/09

Comments: Tried this string after reading reviews, great string. Nice ball pocketing, resists string movement for awhile, and more durable then some other syn guts out there. Broke string job in about 20 hours, but hey, for the price I couldn't care less. I have been told though that the Og-Sheep Micro 17 natural plays better than the crystal, so I'll be trying that next.
From: Kai, Cupertino, Ca, USA 04/09

Comments: I totally agree with Steve about using this amazing string in the crosses with co-poly mains (I use Kirschbaum Pro Line II 1.15 @ 49). Terrific all around performance with incredible feel, power, and plenty of control. Curiously, I also get even more spin with this string than I do with thinner syn guts such as BiPhase 18 and for me it also outperforms natural gut in all areas. At this price, the Gosen can't be beat. Don't string at too high a tension or you will reduce the performance.
From: Jon, Milwaukee. 04/09

Comments: I long have setup my rackets (Volkl DNX 9 and Dunlop Mcenroe Maxply) with thin co-poly mains (Kirschbaum Pro Line II 1.15 or MSV Focus Hex 1.10 @ 49) and natural gut crosses (VS Team @ 55). Just out of curiousity, I tried out Gosen SM 17 crosses @ 55. Amazing results! Better control, pocketing, feel, and especially spin. This Japanese string also provides just as much power as natural gut, and plays better than any of the other high end syn gut strings (LiveWire, NXT, NRG, BiPhase, Multifeel, etc). Really strong hitters might find it too soft, but for this 4.0 player the Gosen is terrific. And the price is right too. The co-poly mains tend to last me about 10 or 12 hours before losing their elasticity and the Gosen is still in great shape after that amount of time. Bought a reel and will use throughout the summer.
From: Jon, Milwaukee. 04/09

Comments: Having read so much about this string, mostly on the positive side on the Talk Tennis forum, I ordered 2 packs from here. Strung it on my T10 mid, and I am all disappointed. There is no "crisp" at all that I had with Prince Synthetic Gut Duraflex. It's tight and holds tension better than I expected (since the OG Sheep Micro 16G loses tons of tension) but it doesn't feel right and my favorite racket falls to almost the last one I want to pick up. It's money wasted (string job is costly) and lesson learned...
From: PS60 (on TT forum), HK. 10/08

Comments: A good choice for a player who wants to save some money, that's if you string your own. The feel is 7/10, and the durability is 8/10. I used to use 65 tension, but I gradually went down to 55, and I could start feeling good contact when I hit the ball. I think this string is not designed for high tension because it compromises the feel drastically. If your tension is around 55 lbs, then this is a must try for you.
From: Paul M, NJ, USA. 12/07

Comments: Gosen Og-Sheep Micro 16 (or 17) feels like Prince Synthetic Gut but with much better feel and a little softer, though just as crisp.
From: Silvers, Message Board post, USA 11/01

Comments: I found Gosen Og-Sheep Micro 17 string to be a good all around string on a racquet strung at higher tensions. It plays well and provides a decent blend of control, power and durability. It has performed to my expectations. I keep it on one of my racquets and, as a stringer, I recommend it to other tennis players looking for a good all-around string. While I believe that some other strings are over priced, you can't beat the price of this string for its overall performance.
From: Michael, Phila, PA. USA 12/00

Comments: Gosen Og-Sheep Micro 17 is a good all-around string for those of us with limited budgets. It doesn't play as nicely (or with as much spin) as the Gosen 18, but it lasts at least twice as long. Where the Gosen 18 lasts me about a week and a half, I can sometimes get as much as a month out of the Gosen 17 before it simply must be changed. Good feel, good control, good price ... I string it up pretty tight because I don't need power from my strings, and it always performs as expected.
From: Greg, Costa Mesa, CA. USA 7/00

Comments:If you're the type of player who finds the thicker, more durable strings too lifeless and lacking in feel, then Gosen Og-Sheep Micro 17 might be the string for you. I get excellent feel and plenty of power with this and will now not use anything else. There may be other strings out there which will give you a little (and I do mean little) extra performance, but you won't find anything to come close to its combination of playability and price. I highly recommend it.
From: Kim, United Kingdom 7/00

Comments:Gosen Og-Sheep Micro 17 has very nice playability and ball bite make it a great deal for an all court type game. It might be the fact that it's thinner than regular 17g. string. You can guess the drawback -- durability. I broke one string after 4 sets which I never experienced before. The feeling of the ball is average but power is plenty. It's as comfortable as some "soft" versions in the Prince line up. Nice baseline string.
From: Jeffrey, San Jose, CA. USA 4/00