Penn Ballistic 2.0 Racquetballs 3 Ball Can
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The Penn Ballistic 2.0 racquetball clocks in as the fastest racquetball in the Penn lineup. The speed and highly visible color makes the Ballistic 2.0 ideal for outdoor play, but is surprisingly consistent indoors as well.

    Quantity: 1 can (3 balls per can)

Penn Double Performance Guarantee
If any Penn Ballistic racquetball should break before the printed logo color wears off, Penn will replace it with two new Penn Ballistic racquetballs.

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Comments: These break easily, and are heavy.  Tend to stay alive in play longer. 
From: Lemuel, Dallas, TX, USA, 06/14
Skill-level: B 

Comments: This ball is fast, and I mean fast for even the novice player.  If you just want a "Serve Fest," this is the ball to have. Not many volleys when drive serving. The ball does not last too long!! Color is great for visibility.
From: G-MAN, 02/11

Comments: I compared these balls to the USA made green Penn balls that I still have left and they are much slower. The rubber is softer and the action is not near as lively. Love the color but the Chinese product quality is poor as usual. On the hunt for a USA made ball.
From: Adam, Mansfield, OH, USA, 05/11
Skill-level: B/C

Comments: Worst ball I have ever played with. You will be lucky to get 2 games out of one these balls.
From: Wes
City, State, Country:Magnolia,TX 06/10

Comments: I love this ball and would prefer not to play with any others. It is fast and consistent. It is heavier than others.
From: Brad
City, State, Country:Ft. Collins, CO 02/10

Comments: These are very poor quality. 1-2 GAMES and thats it.
City, State, Country:Monroe WA

Comments: I purchased a couple cans of these while Ektelon was sorting out rubber mixture problems with the Fireballs. Man, what a disappointment. The Penn reds feel heavy and slow to me, I'm giving mine away. If you're looking for a fast playing ball, go with the Ektelon Fireballs.
From: David
Oregon, USA 01/08

Comments: According to the front of the can "Great for outdoor use." When used indoors the ball had a heavy feel when making contact w/ the racquet. The ball play was slower than normal and had less action. Visibility is better than blue or green.
From: Mark
Hollywood, Florida 12/07