As the newest weight to the ProKennex FFT line, the 2012 ProKennex KM FFT 185 Racquet is sure to give you all the power and stiffness you look for in a 185-gram racquet. It features ProKennex’s Force Flow Technology, engineered to force the energy lost from the frame, back into the string bed. The F185 has a sleek swing weight of 153 and a 2-point head heavy balance, making it still quite maneuverable for a weighty stick. A perfect combo of weight, stiffness, and power, the F185 is an excellent choice for the doubles player, back-court player, or any player looking for that extra power generation from their racquet.

All racquets come factory strung with a wrist cord installed. Click the Specs tab for more details.


Head Size: 106 sq. in. / 684 sq. cm.
Length: 22 inches / 56 cm
Unstrung Weight: 185g / 6.5oz
Strung Weight: 200.4g / 7.1oz
Balance: 11in. Even Balance
Swingweight: 153
Factory String: ProKennex Liquid 17
Composition: Graphite
Grip Type: ProKennex Friction Rubber Grip
String Pattern:
14 Mains / 18 Crosses
Mains skip: None
One Piece
Shared Holes: 6H,7H,4T,5T
String Tension: 28-38 pounds

Comments: Great racquet for the price. does not play as heavy as what the specs claim. feels more like a 175. had mine for 3 months now, an I love the way I can control it . I would highly recommend this racquet. 
From: Nick C., Valhalla, NY, USA, 02/16
Skill-level: A 

Comments: Effortless game enhancing racquet! I normally play with lighter racquets. After my joys of playing with the F175 last year, I tried this new model and loved it even more than what I played with last year. While it may slow down my swing speed, it gave me a nice smooth controlled game that I'm using to be extremely deceptive with. Roll outs from 38 feet are crisp and easy. I actually have a roll out splat shot now because of this racquet. With my F175, my splat always had a tendancy to pop up just enough off the floor where someone could dive and get it....not anymore with the F185. Best stick ever by PK in my opinion
From: BD, Edmond, OK, USA, 08/12
Skill-level: A/B
String type and tension: PK Liquid 17 @ 33.5lbs (Constant Pull)