Made with strong, yet surprisingly soft goatskin leather, the new ProKennex Vapor Glove offers great grip and better breathability. The backing of the glove is comprised entirely of a nylon mesh that allows for the cool air to reach your hand. Its simple, sleek, black design with gray accents gives this glove a murdered out look so you won't leave fingerprints after extinguishing your opponent on court.

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  • Premium Goatskin Leather with excellent grip that dries soft and is never stiff
  • Channel finger panels for custom reflex fit
  • Power mesh backing for breathability
  • Velcro closure
  • Soft elastic sweat absorbing wristband

Comments: I have used the original vapor gloves and they were great! Very disappointed with these new goatskin gloves, very thin, does not absorb sweat well, and the tackiness is not as good as the original. If you can still buy the original ones...do it!! The new gloves rip easily along the back side and I can't believe that PK did not stick with the cabretta leather glove. I am looking for other alternatives that will last longer and still have that tackiness....used to buy 12 gloves every 3 months...
From: rballlefty, Danville, CA, USA, 03/12
Skill-level: elite

Comments: I've used about 4 - 5 different gloves: The PK Pure 1's, Gearbox, These, and one of the Ektelon's. I used to swear by the pure 1's but since trying these and getting used to the look...they are incredibly comfortable and have tons of breathability. I have slightly larger than normal hands so the velcro has to stretch a bit but they are a great glove (and cheap). They also dry nicely and don't get that stiff glove feel to them. Nice job by PK.
From: Travis, Boston, MA, USA, 12/11
Skill-level: B/B+