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This new multifilament design uses Linear Technology to offer a more gut-like feel. It consists of aligning the inner 900+ fibers in parallel to provide a softer, more resilient feel. We found the Premier LT to offer a lively, comfortable feel with good ball pocketing.
  • Gauge: 17 / 1.25mm
  • Length: 40 feet / 12.2m
  • Multifilament construction
  • Available colors: Natural
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Comments: Sure, power and spin are there. It feels really soft and nice too but it lasted 2 hours. Sure, I do hit hard with tons of spin, but other strings last way longer than that.
From: Marek, 5/12

Comments: These strings are very playable and very-arm friendly. I've strung my Prince Speedzone 7 using this string twice now and though I liked how it feels, it's not for me. At first, I strung it at 58 pounds. The stringbed moved so much and started fraying after about 8 hours of play. Then, I increased the tension to 60 pounds, hoping that the stringbed would not move so much like last time. Unfortunately, it didn't work. However, I think this has something to do with how the O-ports and the strings interact with each other. I'm not sure if string movement will be a problem in racquets with regular grommets. After just 6 hours of play, one of the mains snapped. I wouldn't recommend this string if you play heavy topspin. P.S. This thing eats the felt off the tennis balls!
From: Jeremy, 1/12

Comments: I strung it at 50 lbs. as the cross with Luxilon Timo 110 in the mains. It broke after 2 matches (about 4 hrs). It feels good, but is not durable enough to make it worth while in the crosses.
From: Tom, Columbus, OH, USA. 08/10

Comments: Decent string, soft and comfortable on the arm. It does not last long especially against heavy hitters, the string would fray each time you return a massively hit topspin ball.
From: Tai, SF, CA. 5/10

Comments: Just got my Prince EXO Black strung with this for more playability than the 16L, and it's fantastic. Not fraying at all for me, but I've only played/hit with it two matches. I love the feel, plays very well and provides good spin too. NTRP 4.5
From: Tom, St. Louis, MO. 4/10

Comments: The 17g only lasted 4 sets (3hrs) for me. Broke the mains from fraying against the crosses. There was plenty of power, but control was not good. The spin potential was above average. Overall I would not buy this string again. Going back to my regular string Unique big hitter blue. I use prince original graphite 90 57/57 NTRP 4.0
From: Yehan, Fort Collins, Colorado 03/10